Clint Whiting (@rocky_mtn_clint)

Well, I finally had a chance to hike back in and check on the deer found a few weeks ago. No lion pics and after a closer look not only does he have a busted horn but the bent leg is broken. I'd say he died in a fight. #mannequinchallenge @mrschwomeyer @redfletches @hound_life_307

Admins - Mia & Aiden (@dipped_chewy_granola)

Studying for french and all that jazz -Aiden

MJóvenesEB (@mjovenes_eb)

No nos pudimos resistir😏 a la tendencia del 2016🔝, el #MannequinChallenge y decidimos hacer el nuestro😌 en la #NocheDeGracias

Este año volvemos con TODO💥👊 Dispuestos a ver qué es lo que él Señor quiere para nuestras vidas☝️¿Te sumas a esta aventura?

#FamiliaMJEB #AmigosMJEB

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Da!!!😲 Am Anfang Auf dem Stuhl da!!! Da bin ja ich! 😃

dank memes 🔑 (@staggering)

I say "Yall" but i aint no country mf 😂 @staggering

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