Amy Nykolayko (@amymonkey72)

Thank you so much Kimberly @kimithings! We absolutely love Ace and Cherie’s custom Christmas ornaments!!! ❤️🎅🏻❤️

Gus (@gussinaround)

Challah back youngin’, he said.

Thuglas Jones, French Bulldog (@thugthefrenchie)

had SUCH a blast seeing my home girl Sadie for Thanksgiving!! 🦃♥️🐶

💕Rocky The Princess Boston💕 (@internationalrocky)

Thanks for being a hand to rest my head upon sis! Thanksgiving was p sick I ate a lot of chicken and carrots and pooped in a new part of town

Porkchop (@porkchopthefrenchie)

My humans said they got me a small human and that we’re gna be best buds. 👶🏻🐶 But all I really care about is saying hi to this golden retriever’s butt that’s across the way.

Chunky Aka Monkey (@bigchunkymonkey)

#blackfriday has many 🤭😂

Smart Dogs (@smartdoggos)

Pups by no means attack us. Only humankind! 👆

Swan La French Frenchie 💕 (@swanthefrenchfrenchie)

🇫🇷 • À ma séance d’hydrothérapie aujourd’hui, ils ont essayés de me faire nager pour voir comment allait réagir mes pattes arrières... 👀 Pas beaucoup de réaction à ce niveau là, mais avec mes pattes avant j’en ai bien profité pour arroser tout le monde 😏🤣💦
🇬🇧🇺🇸 • At my hydrotherapy session today, they tried to make me swim to see how my hind legs would react... 👀 Not much reaction at this level, but with my front legs I took advantage of it to water everyone 😏🤣💦

OSCAR'S WOOFS OF WISDOM©️ (@oscarswoofsofwisdom)

BLACK FRIDAY IS HERE!!! Go sniff my online shop ( link in bio) Fetch @oscarswoofsofwisdom cool illustrated gifts featuring your favorite "oscarisms" from the wise one on tees, mugs, phone cases, bags and more! .

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