Hurley And Rufus (@hurleyandrufus_ch)

Day ten!

Today was all road. We were going to drive through woollongong but the police had closed the highway off!

Our campsite next to the Current Creek made up for it though!

I got to run and jump everywhere and dad is teaching me slowly how to swim.

The one thing I HATE about camping is the March flies. I chased them all over camp but couldn't catch even one!

Tomorrow we go to Canberra, should be fuuun!

#maremma #germanshepherd #family #roadtripping #camping

Little Brushwood Alpaca Farm (@lbwalpacafarm)

This made my of our lovely farm visitors who follows us on FB was so generous to paint an amazing painting of our Ranger.....just speechless and so honored! Thank you Shirley😍😍 #sotalented

Agriturismo La Valentina (@agriturismo_la_valentina)

Il gatto sulla legna....che scotta 🐈🐺🐱🐈

Deborah Guttadoro (@d_e_bbie)

- mai aspettare troppo, nulla nella vita ci cadrà dall' grosso lo costruiamo noi 💪🏻

weinrouten (@weinrouten)

Barrel celler 2.0. Petra winery in Suvereto, Tuscan coast. #tuscany #maremma #petra #petrawinery

Paddock Fresh Eggs (@paddock_fresh_eggs)

Smudge looking after the Ladies at the pellet feeder.