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What mum!?!? I wasn't chewing on the mattress, I promise... #meeka #maremmapuppy #maremmasheepdog #missmeeka

Tammy White (@wingandaprayerfarm)

Hi! Farmer Tam is gonna be my new shepherdess in a few weeks, but for now I live with my 10 brothers and sisters at Luci Fortunato's farm in Andover, VT & our mom & dad are teaching us all about taking care of the flock of sheep we live with. When Farmer Tam came to visit me with Char & Miranda 2 weeks ago, I was itty-bitty. But look at me now! I'm so big! Apparently I'm going to keep growing to be somewhere near 50-60lbs, so I'll never be this little again, that's why Farmer Tam is sharing my picture today. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to be one of the crew on Wing & A Prayer Farm! I've heard that Farmer Tam is a big mush when it comes to the animals!
When I get to the farm,I'll let you know all about how it goes for me as the new LGA(Livestock Guardian Animal) & more about Maremma dogs in particular. Get your questions ready!
To answer the first, no, I've not been named yet, but I'll answer to 'Sweetie!'

Tammy White (@wingandaprayerfarm)

It's National Puppy Day!!!! Miranda is holding our newest baby, who will be coming home to protect our flocks in April. This 3-week old Maremma pup is one of a litter of 11, & you could imagine how impossible it was to decide. We ended up choosing this lil gal based on her very relaxed behavior & her size(she was slightly bigger.) The owners keep the mom & dad together in the flock with the pups so when she comes to our farm, she'll be accustomed to farm life.

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My Aunty had a sleepover with her friends the other day and I thought I would join them! 🐶 . #maremma #maremmapuppy #maremmasofinstagram #dog #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #sleepover #cheekypuppy #friends #happypuppy

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Bennie-Man🐶💜 I see this boy at least once a week, & he's sooo much bigger every time!

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