Harper (@aussie_mate3)

I’m growing up! I’ll just be over here sleeping by myself.

Tammy White (@wingandaprayerfarm)

They’ve known each other a week and a day and they are inseparable. In a few days, Joan and Moses will move into the paddock with The Boy Band and Joan will show him all she knows about working with the flock. So far, Moses is a fast learner and mimics his big sister’s every move. I believe in mentors.

Suzie Ladyman (@suzladyman)

2009 - Izzy as a foal.

🐓🐾 Maremma The Meg 🐾🐓 (@maremmameg)

Make sure you get my good side! #puppymodelsearch

Indiana Jones Bird (@indithemaremma)

Just playing around
#maremma #maremmasheepdog #maremmapuppy