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चिल्ल मारना जरूरी है


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Exhibiting : @sunhilsippy - It's time to take a breath, pause and contemplate. Posting an image from the street after a while. Another one dug up from the archives. Marine Drive, July 2010. I remember shooting this from a moving car in torrential rain with a very long lens. Against my better judgement, and contrary to most of the rules laid out for street photography; but the resulting image has stayed with me. Some stand alone and face the storm, and others stand together. It's also a reminder that I've been shooting the streets for almost 7 years now. Noor's release is now only 3 weeks away. No real time for anxiety, not that it isn't there. But looking at this image, and choosing to share it, reminds me of the layers that exist in my life and how blessed I am to be able to explore them the way I have.

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Its your road and you are alone,others may walk it with you,but no one can walk it for you #marinedrive #odisha #puri #konark #✌️