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i wonder if he gonna put diamonds on his braces 🦇💎®️

J.forrest (@forr3stfir3)

Get out of my car 😂😂

Drake (@wheresmywigg)

i need to take my ass to sleep😭 Im tryna fix my sleep pattern but I keep going to sleep late💀

Kevin Penn (@iamkevinpenn)

Moral of the story: The more you Focus on your grind, the more successful you become. The more successful you become... The more u increase your chances of getting her.
Opposite: The more you allow her to distract you, you increase your chances of failing. When you fail, she'll more than likely choose the guy who made it successful over you. So focus on ur shit! -Besides, once you become Successful you're going to have badder chicks wanting you. Once you got Life by the Neck, you call the shots & do what u want. #mcm #motivation #mondays #work #monday

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Monday morning vibes from @sne.uk @officialshaqydread @kaneuhf 🏄‍♂️🌊☄️

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Start the week of with this brand new one from @not3sofficial & @sneakbo1 called ‘Nah’ ❄️🏄‍♂️🌊 !!