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"sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." -Dr. Seuss

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πŸŽ€πŸ’Ÿ Francesca πŸ’ŸπŸŽ€ (@_whos_thatgirl_)

πŸ’«βœ¨ 6/7/1926 - 16/1/2018 βœ¨πŸ’«
My wonderful Grandad. I’m already missing your beautiful sparkly blue eyes, I miss your mischievous laugh, I miss your random outbursts of song. I miss you. I’ve wanted to post this for a while but found it difficult, I’m heartbroken. Dementia / Alzheimer’s is cruel and relentless and it was tough watching the final stages. I was his first Grandchild and feel very lucky to have had him in my life for almost 40 years, I also made him a Great Grandad to 4, he really was great ❀️ I’m sure he would find my sharing of some photos with the world funny, and I hope he’s thinking β€œisn’t it marvellous” which was one of his regular comments, just like he said when I asked him to have a selfie with me ❀️ Rest In Peace ❀️
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Jermaine (@jjclare1)

I know i messed my speech up lol but i cant thank my beautiful wife enough for planning the whole day. Still feels weird saying my wife not my girlfriend anymore. The love I have for this women is crazy. The love she has for me says it all in this picture 😊 #newlyweds #marriage #truelove #mrandmrsclare #memories #memoriesmade #truelove #happytimes #marriedlife #mylove #shestheone #shesakeeper

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Circle B Ranch 🐴 || I brought my husband here to go horseback riding years ago and yesterday was the first time going back with our girlsπŸ’•.
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Spoorthi Vishwas (@spoorthi_vishwas)

Best of Lankan Memories πŸ’– Taking my daughter on a horse ride on shore of Galle Face beach was the best experience so far... I’m super glad tat #mahlilkanmani is brave as her mom ... She gave a damn to her fears n enjoyed the ride ... Like mamma like baby.. Again this happened only cuz of @kolkolbabycarrier 😍 I’m not exaggerating but I felt she was too safe in there to complete ride without any fear πŸ’–
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Sarah Hanrahan (@i_come_undone)

Six month’s after settling in Melbourne we’d saved enough to take a road trip; we started scrolling the usual buy & sell sites looking for a van before heading out of the city to meet a man advertising a camper that looked perfect 🚐. The man stood in the doorway of his house with his wife and young child somewhat sheepishly explaining to us that, while he loved his camper dearly, he had no choice but to sell it after inexplicably loosing his sight the year previous. He insisted on showing us around the van by hand, detailing every nook with the familiarity of someone who’d created endless memories within those 4 walls πŸ’­β€οΈ. We listened to his story as we sat on the roof of that van and decided there & then that we too wanted to build a van like he had, we wanted to create a home inside like he had and, despite the undeniable irony that his feverous passion had talked him out of a sale he met our revelation with delight knowing that our journey would be extra special if we’d created the interior ourselves ☺️. And so we purchased Dorothy, a 1985 HiAce... I refused to test-drive her, having not been behind the wheel in over a year and, having never driven in another country (I mean, I was going to have to get it out of a massive city just weeks later but I was NOT willing to roll it down the road before I was ready πŸ‘€). We began the long nights building after long days working. Sean constructed wooden frames by torchlight while I measured custom curtains in the kitchen; working 16 hr days to pull funds together for the adventure then back home again to sew bedding πŸ”¨βœ‚οΈ. Four weeks later we packed up & hit the road travelling for three months before running out of money. Our last night in that beautiful yellow brick was spent weighing up the pros & cons of our two potential job offers; pick chilis for a rural farmer or, join a travelling circus🌢️🀑. #TravelMemories

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Never too old for snuggles with Mama. Wish I got to see her more ❀️ #love #family #motherdaughter #picoftheday #snapchat #familytime #memories #memoriesmade