Solarium (@solarium_black)

سولاريوم با بهترين رنگدهى
پكيج ١٠ جلسه⬅️ ٥٠٠٠٠ تومان


Rie HAMACORO (@riehamacoro)

初めて#ビンゴボンゴ という#福岡の古着 屋さんに行ってきました。men's物の洋服を彼に試着させたらこれまた#おったまげーー なぐらい似合うからまぁービックリ。笑
#men's の^^せ

M i c h a e l S h a w (@mshaw0272)

I sometimes work till 4 am on weekends driving takes it's toll on me. So it's been hard for me to stick with my workout consistently so I decided to do my workout first thing when I get up., but this weekend I went to work before doing them and because of that I missed Sunday's workout. Just had no energy to do it coming home late. So today is a new day and week. I have committed to doing my workouts in the AM NO matter what for the rest of our challenge. So far I am bouncing back okay and getting today's done. I have on more to do then it's on with the rest of my day. I am holding my self accountable and have so since I started back in 2012. Accountability partners have come and gone but no matter what I have learned it is up to me to do it. Have a great day y'all.