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Take those thoughts, write them out of your heart. It's okay to be broken and not okay. When your life implodes in minutes, it will take years to rebuild. It will take years of self-destructing and then years of constructing. And sometimes it will happen several times in one day. We can't "unsee" what we witnessed...what trauma we survived. It might haunt us always. I don't believe in #ptsd I believe in calling a trauma survived exactly that...a trauma survived. A sound, smell, thought, touch, time of day, or year...there's so many variables to make us go back to the trauma. And, it's ok for now if we can't control it. It's also ok to acknowledge joy as it comes. If you have survived can get to a point where you treasure joy and take ease at it's surprising entrance. You'll be the first one standing to initiate an encore. Only love and joy can ease this kind of hurt. #beautymark #beauty #survivor #trauma #traumaticbraininjury #traumasurvivor #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #rejectthelabels #anxiety #depression #recovery #joy #gotthisfar #keepmoving #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #ahundredlifetimes

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However you're spending your Saturday night; make sure it's where you wanna be, with who you wanna be with & doing exactly what you want to be doing. #GOTfitness #girlsontop #girlsontopoffitness

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'It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it.' - Amelia Barr

We have the strength within us to learn how to set a better sail, and thrive whichever way the wind blows.


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I came, I saw, I conquered - a quote by Julius Caesar, that can be applicable to a lot of things we do in life
For me it clearly highlights my own journey to overcome my demons, to be able to develop mentally. Physical development is one thing, but mental development faces different and more difficult challenges. Questions that don't always have answers, questions that do not make sense. A day by day mentality enabled me to see a bigger picture, a goal, a place I wanted to be. I've bettered myself, I've beaten my own mind there for I have conquered
Now the mind is liberated i can see how far i can take it - the mind is everything, what you think you become! 🤙🏼
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Why go to bed when you can take a middle of the night bath? Bubble bar!

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Let's talk mental health since it's seen as such a taboo subject, Last night as some of you may have seen I was directly targeted by someone in a public comment & told that my depression and anxiety could have been avoided if I had used a condom or taken the morning after pill! Post natal depression isn't funny and should never be laughed it , yet some idiots that don't understand it think it's okay to say things like that & this is also why there's such a stigma around mental health! A Stigma that needs to be addressed. People need to be educated about mental health and its consequences. People should be taught to respect mental health issues, and that making jokes/snipes about it contributes to the harm and suffering of people who experience them.
Anxiety and depression isn't something people choose it can happen to any one at any time, and it can feel very isolating, I can only hope that the people that make fun of the subject never find themselves in the dark places I have been to find happiness again because it's not a nice place to be.

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Italian Paleo Breakfast: Pizza Frittata Sweat garlic in pan, add raw chopped zucchini (courgette!) + sun dried tomato, add 5 eggs and mix in with oregano, parsely + basil, add bacon on the side 😋🍅🍳 Super good and no grains whatsoever!
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“The Male App has given me knowledge, empowered meaningful conversations, to help us understand each other better.”
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A piece of @thenetworkmusicconference . .
Sharing the stage with such a great panel of individuals who have impacted many of our lives through music to discuss an issue important to myself made this the most memorable day in a while. .
Respect to @weworking @duroceo @mattschiltboc @djnasty #LV @kevincossom1 @real_bush #mathewjean for discussing #mentalhealth on such a great platform being @thenetworkmusicconference

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My teen years were traumatic. I suffered in complete silence. I gave people bits and pieces sometimes to see if they could tread the waters of the truth and when I was finally brave enough to open up to someone, to tell them why I was hurting, I was told that I was gross, called stupid, selfish, and my panic attacks were me faking it. I was even asked what I did to cause it. They reminded me I’d never mount up to be anything. They stomped on me during my trauma and dismissed it all. Now as an adult, I’m grateful for the journey I have had through seeking real help. I know now, the many nights where I was not sleeping for one to two weeks straight, the black outs from amount of stress I was in, the nightmares, the chest pains, triggers, and many anxiety attacks in public all make sense now. PTSD is not gross. It’s not selfish. And most of all, it is NOT something God did to teach me something. There is sin in the world from the fall of man and unfortunately, I suffered greatly because of someone else’s sins against me. But I won’t be silent anymore. I won’t engage in anymore dysfunction. God has given me the most beautiful gift and that gift was my son. The moment he was born, I made a promise to the Lord to be committed to my son. It’s crazy. So many said I’d never make it. I work in an office making the same amount as someone with a bachelors but I have no degree and I have no student loans from a failed attempt to go to college. No matter what it takes, I’ll continue to fight this. It feels good to lay in bed at night, know what is wrong with me, and most of all to know there is hope and it does get better. I’ve come so far #; #mentalhealth #pinerest #blessed #ptsd