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OMFG. Has or does anyone ever feel this way?! I have moments where I’m high-functioning in social settings (thanks meds + weed) and that’s when people think that I’m suddenly cured or just being overly dramatic when I am in a depressed state 🙄. I swear I’ve lost a handful of “friendships” due to their inability to understand the weight of my mental illnesses. Sometimes people expect WAAAAAAY too much out of us, but we have to remember to fuel and fill ourselves. Here’s one of my favorite quotes to keep in mind - “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” Don’t exhaust or run yourself out for the sake of others. Plus, how can we be there for others if we aren’t taking care of our mental health?

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I’m in the middle of @ladygaga’s Five Foot Two documentary. I had to stop it when she was crying and asked “Do I pathetic?” Y’all.
I am mostly really aware and comfortable with my anxiety and depression. But it’s always nagging at me, especially at it’s peak, that I look, or am, pathetic. That people will see me as weak and pathetic or a drama queen or attention whore.
I am bawling my eyes out at how our brains trick us into thinking all these evil, dark, untrue things. How we stigmatize ourselves in weak moments. How sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever get out of this fucking hole.
It’s cyclical. It always gets better. Then worse. Then better. It’s the fight, the will to admit temporary defeat, to know that there are better things than what’s weighing you down now, the struggle that makes us different. The struggle makes us powerful.
Dear Laura,
Embrace it.
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A quiet reminder...for those who sometimes forget... ------------------------------------------------------- #music #live #improv #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #unipolartales #songwriting #catharsis #talentedmusicians #samfirthmusic #unsigned

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Alright, here's some truth. I usually use social media for positive posts and sharing my accomplishments. I choose exactly what I want people to know and that's the power of it. I'm gonna break that mold today. This month has been terrible. My mental health is probably the worst it has been in a long time and there's times when I truly didn't think I was gonna make it. But look at that picture-- I look completely normal to most people; happy even. The point of this post is this, if you are going through something right now remember, this too shall pass. It sucks ass right now, your problems are center focus right up in your face preventing you from seeing around it, but it'll pass. Or maybe it won't, but you'll grow stronger through it and it won't seem as daunting as the days go on. •••• Go out and kill this week peeps(or just do your very best cause sometimes thats all you got)🌻🌻🌻🌻#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth

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I don’t like to touch on religion because so many people have different beliefs, but i felt incomplete this morning without sharing this story with the world. Being a full time Mental health case worker and running my own business, I️ question the system when there are people who really needs help! My goal was just to speak and I️ realized God was using me! I pray that this story will motivate and empower. 💕 Be blessed folk.🦋 #womanoffaith #womanofgod #motivationalspeaker #theneshamonaeway✨🔑❤️ ************** . @samonalisaaaa and I supplied that homeless man and his 3 children with money last night to secure them with somewhere to spend the night .
2 Corinthians 9:15 ✨
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Testimonials saves lives!🚨🚨

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What a great day with this crazy bunch of people.
Charity Halloween Throwdown Comp smashed And now feeling it.. bring on the Doms tomorrow. 😂🏋🏻‍♂️💪 #crossfithayle #throwdown #charity #fundraising #fancydress #pumpkin #community #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #crossfit #fitness #repost #cornwall #doms #wod

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This holds a VERY close place in my heart - Couldn't be more privileged to take on such an epic challenge for this great cause - PLEASE READ 🙏🏼
F45 ESSENDON CHARITY EVENT for Mental Health Awareness - 2 Trainers, participating in ALL 7 sessions, in 1 DAY - Friday 1st December!
"In Australia, it’s estimated that 45% of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. In any one year around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety. Almost 8 Australians take their own lives every day, yet suicide is largely preventable.” - BeyondBlue.
Although this isn’t a discussion a lot of people particularly like to have it’s a devastatingly large problem in our society. 35% of people that suffer from mental health issues will never seek help. At F45 Training Essendon we’ve decided to host a charity event to raise money for the non-profit organisation @beyondblueofficial. ALL donations received via members or the general public will go towards the charity to help them further mental health awareness in their hope to make a difference in Australia. Myself and Ben will be participating in ALL of the sessions F45 has scheduled for the day (TOTAL OF 7). If you’re training on this special day, in support of the trainers and the charity, a small donation apon arrival would be hugely appreciated! Every cent counts - our goal is to raise $700 for the 7 sessions completed. Our studio will be open to the public while classes are operating if you wish to pop in for a donation or to show your support. Stay tuned for more information, we couldn't be more excited to do this for such a great cause ❤️ #itaintweaktospeak #mentalhealthawareness #riseabovedoubt #suicideprevention

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To believe the world is fundamentally good despite all the chaos around us and to act in a way that comes from that place is to have real courage.

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So, seeing as I like to ramble on all things #mentalhealth, here’s one for the lads. ☝️ Society has this thing where boys shouldn’t cry, men have to be tough and feelings don’t matter. Well a big 🖕🏻(SoZ) to society. Boys, men, lads, dudes -whatever, you identify as, please talk. You’re allowed to not be okay, to cry, to hurt and have mental illnesses. If you aren’t okay, don’t suffer in silence. Please talk 💙 #internationalmensday

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Or guy 😇

Time to go kick ass and the most of the day you’ve been given👊🏻Goodluck to all of you doing exams this week!! Wishing you clarity of mind, the ability to focus, retain info easily, and restful sleep 💕 If things are getting overwhelming, take a moment to step away literally, grab a drink, go for a walk, breathe and then come back to it. If it’s still causing havoc, move on to something else. You CAN do this 🤓😇


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Do you have a friend who has been struggling with their mental health? Don’t be afraid to reach out. #mentalhealthawareness #txstreslife #lauramallamas

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Thank you to the @tsu_deltas1949 for inviting me to Speak at their Event. Come on out November 21, 2017 at 7:13pm. One Call A Way: A mental health forum.. As I present: Real Talk... Getting A Way from Toxic People! #iwincounseling #LPCMEJ #BlackMentalHealth #MentalHealth #LetsTalkAboutIt #MentalHealthAwareness #Blackmentalhealthawareness #TSU