Oscar πŸ‘‘ (@oscar.the.fat.cat)

Hello everyone... today I am observing a wild Ollie! πŸ™€ She seems to be loafing and hasn't noticed us. 😹

#meowdel_feature (@meowdel_feature)

Say hello to @tinifromtheblock
our latest meowdel. πŸ“·

Look at my magnificent mustache!
Martini (Tini) is wishing us all a fabulous Caturday. Thanks, you're awesome! 🐱
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Lucie, Millie, Caspar (@scottsandcats)

Hello - as this is my throne, you can address me as Queen Millie Mouse πŸ˜ΉπŸ‘‘


Best seat in the house

Denver & Sadie (@denver_sadie)

Enjoying the sunshine on my face β˜€οΈ #caturday