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Photography is a way of feeling, of touching and of loving. -ansel adams. ❀️ Photography brings me closer and closer to my dogs everyday. As I edit my photos I see the precious detail in my guys and see the beauty that makes them special. I love them to bits. ✨

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If my clerk was this cute, it would be the only place I would shop! Amos, you are too cute! I think you should be the employee of the month! .
Did you know that 50% of the purchase price of my bow tie goes towards stopping the Yulin Dog Meat festival? Go to @gstopybowtie and help the cause! Link is also in my bio.
Bow tie: @gstopybowtie "The Hyde"

Etana & Dug (ft. Ben & Mochi) (@derphuskies)

We had a cottage on the beach for the weekend! It was a blast!

Foster Kitten Adventures (@threetinytabbies)

Ok. Hands up. I admit it. I think Teeny is really, really cute... maybe the cutest in this entire litter. 😍

Elly! PupBoss Of Studio Eloise (@eloisecloset)

I caught a bunny on my walk today🐰 I’ll feed and bathe him and send him back to his family tomorrowπŸ’– #BarkxTarget
(Yes, it is him - I checked πŸ˜‚)
We get messages often about Elly’s running pics! I (Elly’s mom) am not expert AT ALL, but there are few things I do to get better pics of pups running!
1. Take continuous shots with autofocus set to track moving object.
2. you’ll get better result when you’re outside with a ton of natural lighting.
3. set f stop 1 to 2 stops higher than your lowest possible setting to get more sharp image.
4. I set my AF point to be the one in the very middle.
5. Your lens should be able to shift focus as fast as your dog. For example, this picture was taken with Canon 85mm 1.8f. Upgrade version of this lens cost around 2k. It produces beautiful images but it’s told to have slower autofocus. (Same goes with my Sigma 30mm 1.4f, we use this to take some close up shots!)
Ask us anything if you have any Qs😊 We’ll try to help you as much as we can!

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the face i make when someone tells me i’m suuuuch a good boy is the same face i make when someone asks, β€œdo you wanna go for ice cream!?” 😁🍦 #BecauseTheresNothingBetter #ThanBeingAGoodBoy 😎 #ExceptFor #HavingYourOwnBowl #OfIceCream 😊🍧

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Christine.. Plotting our escape πŸ˜†Momma just hit us with the news... Spa day tomorrow! I think notπŸ˜‚
Many thanks to @thearchuk and @pocket_pets_ For the fantastic features this week ✨You guys are the best! Please check out these fab accounts! .
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KingsCrest Love Song (

An oldie but goodie. This guy can't resist a good puddle! Can you see the mud caked onto his whisker? πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈβ €
[β—Œ] 85mm, f/1.8, 1/3200 sec, ISO 200β €
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β‡ β‡’β €
This is my entry for #paisleys5khappyplace hosted by @paisleywithatail, @allie.gator.aussies, and @myfurrymutts. This is one of Luka's happy places, knee deep in water. This particular little field in our neighborhood floods every time we get a heavy rain, and it creates the perfect place to come toss a frisbee and splash through the water! Even my kids take off their shoes and join the dog πŸ™Œβ €
β‡ β‡’

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Sorry for all the spam tonight but mama just told me we have 2200 friends and I just couldn't believe it! So here's my fluffy belly in appreciation!!!! My sissy and I love every single one of you 😻😻😻😻 thank you for following our adventures and watching us grow!!!!