Amber Karrels (@amber_karrels)

Pro of crocheting blankets: you can cuddle underneath it on a lazy Sunday as you work. #crochetmom #hooker

Amelia James by Tiffany Faber (@ameliajamesbytiffany)

We moved home to Michigan about 5 months ago. Finally feeling more settled in and at home again. Can’t wait to get out there and explore this state of mine more! Tell me your favorite Michigan places so I can put them on my list!
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The Henstooth (@henstoothhomestead)

I've managed the season well taking the winter months to reassess, soak up the slow and plan for our biggest season yet but the last few days I've really been tired of the cold, of constantly stoking the wood stove, and of waking up to darkness. Anyone one else hit their wall? Yesterday we took a little road trip and scored some harvest time farm supplies including these half bushel baskets. I thought it would be a fun break but now I'm looking forward to spring more than ever! πŸƒ

Aroma Scents LLC (@aroma_scents_llc)

Three new soaps being added today to the website. Unlike many other businesses that calculate shipping on weight of your order, we offer flat rate shipping of only $7.25 no matter how big your order is. Our soaps sell out fast once they are loaded up on the website. Just DM me if you can't find something you want. I am always happy to assist you.

Water Street Coffee (@waterstreetcoffeejoint)

Who doesn't love the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans in the morning? #freshlyroasted

SumoSquatsAndSprinkles (@sumosquatsandsprinkles)

Trip to the Double JJ Ranch water park today with my sister in laws!
I am finally feeling a little bit better, and it feels good to get out of the house!
We have the girls until Monday night and we are so excited to catch up on some much needed family time ❀️❀️