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Wake up. Kick ass. Be kind. Repeat. We hope you are all feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. #TheLifeCurrency #MondayMotivation

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John 15:8 Bear fruit.
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The square root of dope fashion is My Square Bear. Cop up!! Tell them we sent you..

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Last Saturday I woke up with so much anxiety, I just couldn't stay at home. Different ideas started racing through my mind, where should I go? What should I do?
Luckily I live in a city near the sea, so I always have the beach as an option, but it somehow wasn't convincing enough... Instead I filled my bag with notebooks and pens, I took a big bottle of water and I headed to the small hill near my home, where a little forest has somehow managed to preserve its charms and stay untroubled by the city noises.

I could hear the birds singing and smell the unique relaxing fragrance only nature can offer. It was peaceful, it was beautiful and it refreshed my mind like nothing else.
I meditated for a while enjoying the melodies coming from the branches, then wrote down a bunch of new ideas... needless to say, soon my anxiety was transformed in pure excitement.
So I'm curious to know, how often do you leave the frenetic rhythm of the city and escape into the tranquility of nature? What are your habits? Where do you go? 😊😊😊 share in the comment and we can exchange some ideas !!!

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Continue to chase your dreams

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ACTION. Carpe diem.

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Daughter #1 (IKR?) - graphic designer, navigating her first year in business for herself. Often overhead saying things like, "I landed another client" or "Running a business is harder than I thought it would be." I'm so friggin proud of her for even having a mind to start her own anything. With a face like that, she could coast. But she works. Harder and harder everyday. Upscale Graphic Design in Stone Mountain, GA.

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In life and in relationships, we continuously grow. Are you accepting of the growth and change in your partner? Or does it feel hard not to try and fixate on them being/becoming who you need or want them to be? If you can learn the mindset of partner-acceptance and grow each of yourselves up, separately yet while still staying together, you will experience the awesome balance and paradox of relationshipping. (I'm going to go ahead and make that word up.)
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I'm not gonna say it works, not gonna say it doesn't ;) #trustme #videopro

Liz Higgins, LMFT Associate (@millennialcouples)

Spring is in full bloom outside the windows of this office. What part of YOU are you growing this season?
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Happy Monday to all my pretty girls that's out here chasing that check, those dreams, that degree. May you have an ah-mazing week Sis! Don't forget to smile as much as possible, it's the best curve for a woman to have #mondaymotivation + #smilemore

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Alrighty! It's Monday and you have the opportunity to Do Your BAM Thang this week. Don't shy away from it or shrink behind fear. Get at it this week! #maventalk #monday #success

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Belief is like faith, believing in yourself is knowing that you can do the impossible if you choose to. It's also the key that starts the vehicle to your dreams! #MillennialTakeover