Eu Gine Soh Lim (@euginemay)

This is Love. Beautiful Sunday, Dearies! When the coffee lady greets you "mei nu" , your heart skips a few beats. #simplepleasures #lol #toast #kayatoast #Milo

Alex W Pitzel (@pitzelalex)

Cuddles with this adorable guy! Anyone else find he's got ridiculously long whiskers? #catsofinstagram #cat #kitty #milo #cuddles #cutie

witchwithwind (@witchwithwind)

2년전 해외입양 전 ..
구산동에서 함께 했던 마일로.. 첨엔 눈치보고
친한척해도 되나 소심하더니
산책나가도 달리는 것보다
옆의 사람만 쳐다보고
놀아달라 수줍게 표현하던 녀석.

한번도 제대로 된 사랑받은적 없는거처럼
하지만 최고의 품성이었던
천사같은 녀석
어느새 심쿵 애교로 격렬히 반겨주던 아가

사상충 치료등으로 생각보다 오래
보내면서 어지간히 날 울렸던 녀석.. 자기랑 똑같은
고운 심성의 엄마 아빠 만나
유일한 아들로
여행도 기념일도 항상 같이 한다 .. 문득 울컥.. 행복한 니모습에
오늘도 힘이 난다.. 항상 그리울거다

울 마일로
보고싶은 녀석 ... #마일로 #Milo #해외입양
#해외입양전 #첫임보스타트

#넘보고싶다 #missyou

Alegre Florencia 💛🌹🍃 (@florcita.alegre)

Cuando pedís una foto .. Ni eso 😩
#Milo #Mía #Bestias

Megan Khaw (@eatwithmegan)

Yay Spize!! Haven't been here since they re-vamped and the place looks amazing & very industrial.
The portion for my Nasi Goreng Sambal Seafood ($8.50) was huge, with generous servings of squid & shrimp. I couldn't finish it because I was semi-full and @pengfunsiah finished the rest for me.
We also ordered a Banana Tissue Prata ($12.90) and it was HUGE!!!!! It was served with ice cream, and shared between the four of us. Not a fan of dessert but it was alright.
@xueyicrystal's Mutton Chop (dk price) was fulfilling when I tasted it and preferred the taste of it to the sickly sweet taste of my sambal.
Still - great supper, great company and great time!
Healthiness Level: 1/5 (ughhhhhhhh oily, but washed it down with Teh Halia Ais (Ginger Tea with Milk)