Sally Sausage 🌭 (@sally_sausage57)

Windy walk with mammy and Niall today πŸ’¨


How can you say no to that face and those eyes?? 😩😍

Sage The Sausage β™‘ (@sagethesausage)

Mum said that I don’t have the best table manners but I actually have no idea what she’s talking about πŸ€”πŸ€¨πŸ₯•

Sable The Sausage (@sable.the.sausage)

I like the look of this one πŸ‘

Max the Mini Dachshund (@maxminidachshund)

Dad, have you seen my legs 😳
This grass is so long I lost them for a minute, phew πŸ˜… #shortlegproblems

Sable The Sausage (@sable.the.sausage)

Monday is just far too much 😴

Max the Mini Dachshund (@maxminidachshund)

While Max sleeps, we stole his @instagram to wish both Max and his cousin @hamish_the_wee_hound a very happy gotcha day! 😍 Cannot believe it’s been 12 months since we drove these little cuties back from Adelaide! They’ve been the best of friends ever since!! 😍😍 #timeflies #gotchaday