Chaithanya (@chaithanya_krisha)

Breakfast meet-ups that end in the evening with at least two cups of strong #filterkaapi and the famed #BadamHalwa at #MTR for you've that much worth of stuff to diss at, catch up on and make plans for the next meet-up which will never happen, till the next year, around the same time.

Friends from school seem like from another era only no? You'll invariably discuss your classmates' and it's been some million years since you last attended school, yet you're still discovering new tenets about them. KeeHee. Then best friends have now been reduced to a couple of phone calls, one for/on their birthdays and the other for/on their wedding anniversaries.. Tell me about it.

Thankfully (Ms.) Smithu isn't married yet and we meet-up twice a year, for breakfast and by the time I head back home, it's time for our run, #Minchu and I i,e and here's (hoping) it remains like that until she decides otherwise.

Yashmitha Padayachee (

We finally got our first two Cadbury Martians #Minchu #Duos 3 more to go bit I don't think we're going to make it before the promo ends this month.

vidhya (@vidhya_naresh)

😘Anju#😘Chinchu#MINCHU# new besties#make up freaks#lipstick lovers#frnz wedding scenes#a day well spent😍😍😘😘

Chaithanya (@chaithanya_krisha)

God bless her soul! Godparent to #Minchu, harbinger of pure joy, one of the #BestWomenInMyLife, who's quintessential in ensuring I have a wonderful time with my #GirlGang (you #LoulyLeddis know who yuvaar) each and every time she has an opportunity to do so and I don't recall a time when she hasn't done just that, and we're inching towards a decade.

She's, in some sense, the very glue that holds quite a few of the (now famed) girl gangs that I so love and am a part of. (For) Only she can make me not go mad about the fact that we're hunting for our car in a car parking space (for about 15 minutes and going in circles) simply because she and my sister have conveniently forgotten where they've parked their respective cars.

#MidnightTrawls for food (and otherwise) is normal (now and how) and she's a big reason as to why that's the case. And I'm not complaining one bit.

She'll go "#Sindhi? Are you mad? Noooo" whenever she gets a chance and yes, she's my portal to all things Sindhi. KeeHee.

Very few can make me forget that I'm at a #ConcreteJungle (and bereft of a soul) for the uber rich simply by being perched opposite to me, loffing like there's no tomorrow and paying for my food.

I might come across as greedy here, but Saads, is there anyway wherein we can celebrate your #YappyBurthaday twice a year? #HonestKoschan #AskingForSelf

🍀MinChu🍀 (@autumn_2212)

Bố mẹ yêu bin vô điều kiện. Chỉ mong sau này Bin lớn báo đáp bố mẹ một cách có điều kiện vậy là được 😂😂😂

Smilingboy Koushik (@smilingboykoushik)

HpY With This Raksha Bandhan Tq Yu So Much mY Angel SistErs... tq Yu FoR Ur Blessings. I am Always With Yu SistErs💙😘😍..... #Kavu.
#Ashwini. Once Again tq Yu dear.😘😍💙✌️👌

Maurits Smit (@alien2bi)

At last got my #CadburyMartian 👽! #Minchu doesn't see the glass as half full but sees a glass and a half of endless possibilities! There is always space for one more in his heart ❤️!

nina (@ninakelana784)

Lebih baik menyesal karna melakukan sesuatu daripada menyesal karna tdk melakukan apa2 #happysunday #withkesayangan #minchu 😅

Hoàng Lan (@_lanholan)

Đẹp gái nhất đám . #micay #minchu #cap2 😜😜

Shobo (@shobo.alejandro)

Es tiempo de negociar,humano
#cat #Instacat #Minchu

Ashish Yadav (@its_asheesh)

Sometyms.... unknowingly u were the #photobomber 😅😜 in osm clicks....
#csGang#sahil#krishna#minchu#nilesh missing 😅😂

Marii Martinez (@_mariimartinez)

Que rápido se pasa el tiempo, ya un añito! Feliz cumple mi princesa hermosa. T♡ #minchu ❤️💟💜💚