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When you cross a significant date - an Ebenezer, if you will - you may come to the next day and wonder “what now”? This morning, I found the answer to that as I read. You take that event - good or bad - and find how you can move forward with strength & resilience. I am thankful that I can look at that mark - that date - and give thanks that I have moved forward with those characteristics. It has been by God’s grace, the encouragement of May friends & an amazing wife and some grit that I’ve come to this point in my life. I know Willie would be happy for me & I celebrate the journey I’ve had. So I read, prayed & lifted heavy things this morning - i celebrate the life I have and the chances I’ve been given. I’ll never be the same as I was before, and frankly, I don’t ever want to be again. #epiclife #truetransformation #iam1stphorm, #1stphorm, #legionofboom, #1stphormathletesearch, #bethe1, #wedothework, #duespaid #growthmindset #movingforward #resilience #liftheavythings #mindandbody #ebenezer #FOF

Mariana De Carvalho (@yogizinha)

"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor" - Rumi

The Open University (@theopenuniversity)

Have you tried the interactive linked to our OU/BBC co-production, The Human Body? Young Will has (pictured)and can confirm it's lots of fun! Copy and paste http://www.open.edu in to your browser (and then search for The Human body) to have a play around with a heart, brain and liver using augmented reality.⠀

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Hi everyone! When was the last time you got a nice relaxing float in? Did you know that you need to float approximately three times within a three to four week span to receive the maximum benefits of float therapy? We're giving 20% off all single and multi float packages today. Use promo code "fall20" at checkout. Plus with two tanks you and a friend can float at the same time. No more waiting to go after each other. Book now! WWW.EVENFLOATSPA.COM #clarity #floattherapy #floattank #meditation #mindandbody #mindfulness #evenfloat #evenfloatspa


Huhu. Jetzt quäle ich euch nochmal mit Bildern vom Marathon in Dresden. Da es nun mein erster offizieller war, bin ich schon sehr stolz auf mich 🤣 😍🤗
Vielen Dank auch nochmal liebe @seni.good du hast mir einen riesigen Schwung an Energie und Motivation mitgegeben, so bin ich den HM in meiner Bestzeit gelaufen (meine Uhr hat die Trinkpausen rausgerechnet und da stand sogar 1:57:05 😁😄🙃) es lief wirklich richtig gut und ich hätte bestimmt noch eine bessere Zeit erreicht, hätte ich 130% gegeben 😁 (letztes Bild sagt nur 100% 🤣 das Ziel vor Augen, "leichte" Anspannung 😂 und alles nochmal zusammen kneifen) das wollte ich aber nicht. Lange habe ich mich vor so einem Laufevent gesträubt, doch ich habe mich eines besseren belehrt, denn es war richtig toll - ich habe so richtig Blut geleckt 😋 und es werden weitere folgen!
Macht es mal schön gut, bleibt FIT und GESUND! Eure Ivi 🙋‍♀️
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Working my way through the menu...one smoothie at a time 💃🏼🍹🌺☀️❤️

KNILG (@blugersgone)

I am what I eat #iamwhatieat I am what I #feedmymind! My #mindandbody are my #greatest #assets ! I should take care of them all the time. Thanks to #thepowerofhabit! ❤️ My mind is #makingmylifebetter. 💪🏼 #goal + makes me more #sexy , I guess 😛😛🤷🏻‍♀️

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Part of recovery is what you consume to heal your body. If you never tried medicinal mushrooms you are missing out. @foursigmatic these guys are off the chain. #reishimushroom is perfect for recovering muscles from exhaustion. #vikingblend is great for vitality try them today. Use coupon code Gino for 10% off 🤓🍄 and follow @iamtero he started the mushroom game 🙌🏽🙌🏽🍄🍄🍄🍄

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We're still buzzing after an incredible Live it Now on the weekend!
So many people now have incredible goals that they are going to smash over the next 6-12 months.
Did you miss out?
Make sure you get your ticket for our November edition!
Register via the link in bio.


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Feels great being back at Yoga after a break.. the benefits of prenatal yoga are endless!! Yoga helps you tone the physical body, especially the pelvic floor, hip, and abdominal core muscles, in preparation for the birthing process, a properly toned muscle has the right balance between length and strength -- it is neither too lax nor too tight. Building and maintaining muscle tone during pregnancy, with yoga poses like lunges and gentle backbends, can help minimize the aches and pains of those nine months, and are key in bringing your body back to a toned condition after delivery.. I believe it helped me a lot during my first pregnancy, during birth and post birth recovery which is why I couldn't go without this second time. I absolutelly love the wonders of yoga practice, would recommend it to absolutelly everyone, pregant or not . ❤️
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Shirley-Holistic Health Coach (@tasteofcourage)

So many beautiful places, so many flavors, my body & soul were overwhelmed.
I found a small, beautiful spot in #ravello to meditate; Just allow myself to be in the present moment, mindful, without over thinking about the past or the future. It took me a while to clean all the clutter in my head, but I got there👏! It was one of the most amazing experiences had in my life. I guess I should do it more often 😀🙀#midfulness #primaryfood .

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Massage Oil Collections Detoxing, Calming & Relaxing blends, great for daily use on your body and even your bath 🛀
Sensuous blend and Muscle Care blend, made for the other occasions in life. 😌 .
We use natural products and blend with essential oils for the benefits to you 😃
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Hi beautiful souls. Another beautiful day in paradise. I found a perfect spot to meditate, focusing on my breath focusing on the inhalation and the exhalation. Such a peaceful and calming spot listening to the sound of the of the waves and the birds. Medication is a strong part of my daily routine. Just allowing a few minutes to calm and Connect to your own breath makes such a difference in setting the tone of the day. Love and light Kristi Xxx
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