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Inhale. Exhale. A little progress each day adds up to big results.
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Jo Kendall (@jo_kendall)

Essential oils are quite the hot topic of late, with more and more people incorporating them into their day to day lives. YAY oily goodness for all! ✨
Me and my WomanKind tribe love oils so much that I asked each of them to contribute a recipe, either of food or a self care ritual that included their favourite oil. So, for this festive season, I’ve created an ebook, called the ‘Gift of Wellness’ which I would love to gift you absolutely free. 💕
I’ll be sending it out to my newsletter tribe very soon, but please feel very free to comment below or pop me a DM if you’d like a copy too. 🤗

Beth Kane, LSCW, DBTC, CRMT (@bethskane)

Even in the bitter cold, Nature can be so healing. It always keeps us grounded and reminds us all is just as it should be...even when it seems otherwise. ☃️❄️💙

LEE SMITH | Acupuncture (@lee_smith_natural_soul)

Wild fennel is everywhere around Sorrento and Rye .

It’s such an interesting plant, that has a pungent sweet taste like licorice/aniseed.

In Chinese Medicine it is used for a digestive tonic, used to clear out parasites, clear out mucous, is warm the liver and kidneys, clear out stagnation in the body.

I’m looking forward to using this plant in my cooking. Do you use fennel and if so how ?

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The Quest To Evolve (@the_quest_to_evolve)

Type "yes" if you agree. Link to blog in bio. 🌸

True Pilates Perth (@truepilatesperth)

✖️Classical Pilates at its best✖️That’s what True Pilates Perth has on offer for you!!
What is classical Pilates?
There’s many styles of Pilates, with 2 main categories:
✖️Contemporary Pilates which includes rehab/clinical Pilates, Reformer pilates, boxilates ...
✖️Classical Pilates, also called Traditional Pilates or Authentic Pilates, delivers the Pilates method as Joe Pilates created it, nothing is removed, nothing is added! The purest form of Pilates.
The Pilates roots, as we, at TPP like to call it!!
When practising Classical Pilates, you get to experience the uniqueness of The Pilates method:
✔️More than 500 exercices as designed by Joe Pilates
✔️The best Pilates equipment as designed by Joe Pilates too (yes he did💡,in fact he invented the Pilates equipment as part of his method)
✔️The philosophy and principles of method!!
Benefits: there’s soooo many, we could create a whole post about them (and we will 😉).For now, just take Joe’s words: « Pilates develops the BODY uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the MIND, and elevates the SPIRIT. »💥😍💥
📸Joe in his New York studio🖤🖤🖤

Dr. Larry Burchett (@drlarryburchett)

Great to see my college roommates and Notre Dame Rector at a home football game this year. Go IRISH!

Cristina Ordaz (@cristina_tee)

"Limitations only exist if you impose them upon yourself within your mind."
I've sat on years of desire, years of hesitation but this year was one for the books! I cut off all chains; I let go of all doubt and pushed through all limitations! •
@_the_fitographer thank you Enrique for this fun shoot! I love your work and I'm so glad I got to meet and work with you and your talent. 🙌🏼🙏🏽 •
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Nikki Beez (@nikki_beez)

"Wednesday is a humpday but everyday is pumpday."😅🕉️ Going live on cams in 20 link in bio💙 What do you think of my new yoga pants @the_blaque_king? I never ever wore patterns until you came into my life🙆thank you!
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Jennifer Standing (@standingstrongwellness)

• This might not be winter-ish, (winteresque?) but at least it’s red and green! Close enough, right 🎄? Today I got in an amazing workout at SURFSET 🏄🏼‍♀️ & then got a haircut! So needless to say, it’s been a great one. How are you guys? • #standingstrong #strongbodiesstrongminds #plantbased #eatmoreplants #foodie #foodstagram #foodpics #yyc #yycfitness #healthy #healthyrecipes #holistic #holisticnutrition #mindbodysoul #wellness #chickpeas #avocado #goals #dreams #selflove #selfcare #inspo #inspiration

D E S I R É E (@desireesher)

Is there anywhere in your life you can soften & stop the fight to feel more joy and more peace? 💖

Intuit Living (@awaken_change)

So that is the Reiki symbol— Rei- Ki—(higher power and life force energy), but instead of focusing on the beauty of the symbol, we focus on the little wins in our life when things go in the right direction. “Just for today...” I will do what I want instead of what I should do or tell myself I need to do. Sometimes it is “just for this minute...” I can be love and show love. 💕 “It went very well. Thank you so much. He was doing so well yesterday afternoon and this morning. Thanks for all your help.” —Danielle