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The nightingale sometimes flies from a garden to sing in the forest. - Rumi
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Use Roll-on Temple Healer®️ to Soothe Your Head. Massage into neck muscles, temples, forehead, and occipital ridge (behind your ears and at the base of your skull) to help release persistent tension, cool head discomfort, and sharpen focus.

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🎄 12 Days of Stretchmas! 🎄

The newest calendar in the SBY site & app is the feel good, stress busting, tension melting, flexibility inducing, daily yoga calendar you've been asking for!

These practices are appropriate for all-levels and mindfully curated to stretch your whole body so you'll finish feeling brand new, totally calm, and stretched out.

As you can see, this calendar (and most others in the app) includes some member-only videos. Click the link to learn more about SarahBethYoga.comand the APP!

And don't forget! Use the #SarahBethYogaAPP so I can follow along your Stretchmas journey 😃

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Young and Old. By @what.c.sees.
♥️What sights make you smile out loud on the streets? What stories do you love to see? And what does that reveal about you?.
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All year, my channeled forecasts have been talking about BLOOMING. In my recent forecast, we were told by the High Council of Sages: "Each and every plant in the garden offers something unique to the eosystem. What is it you are here to offer? Some are here to provide beauty; some are here to help pollinate; some are here to encourage weeding; some are here to help others to strengthen and to grow. Be aware of the importance of every single type of plant and life within this garden." What type of plant are you? What has been blooming for you in 2017? And what will now thrive in your garden - and our collective garden - in 2018?

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We’re grateful for a recent article in Forbes, “Why Powerful Women Lean On Meditation,” featuring our co-founder Julianna Raye. She shares how guidance from Shinzen Young and the Unified Mindfulness approach benefited her life in a profound way. Full article @forbes:

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New prints on the shop now. Love how soft and subtle this one is. It makes me calm just to look at it 💛
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Care list for December: choose one day to do nothing, write a gratitude list for this year, mindfully enjoy the magic of the season, say “no” more often, take naps, listen to your favorite songs, give what you can spare, reduce commitments, banish stress, have lunch with friends....! Tyrone Foreshore, VIC #vitaminsea

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You CAN do it.⠀

You CAN decide what is right for you, you CAN make the right decision for you in the moment and you CAN build in good habits. Our life is full of decisions and it's up to us to choose the 'right' one, but it's not always about what appears to be right or wrong, sometimes it's about what FEELS right.⠀

If you want that donut, have the donut. If you want to stay in tonight, stay in. For all the decisions we make, remember the decision you make is exactly where you should be in that moment and it's exactly perfect. Let go of the guilt, embrace the moment you're in and enjoy the goddamn donut.⠀

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Mental health problems often affect every aspect of our lives. That's why it's so important to take the right steps to overcome them - that way, you can begin moving forward in a healthy way.⠀

Visit and use our free service to find a great psychologist for you.⠀
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Your 💥POWER💥 lies in making a plan and then taking the action! ✌🏽 simple things!

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For the past few months, I’ve been seeing feathers everywhere I go! They’ve appeared at my feet and floated in front of my face out of nowhere. Outside, in the bathroom, in my car, the laundry room😳
I think we can assign meaning to these “signs”, and I’m choosing to see it as a sign to LET GO: to lighten up, to take flight and to float with the wind (daily life) a little more. ☺️
Where in your life can you LET GO + float with the wind... even a little bit?

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New Moon Learning 💛
#Repost @themoonschool
NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS Conjunct Saturn and the Galactic Centre - 03:00 GMT - 18th Dec 2017 “Sitting at just past 26º of Sagittarius, sign of the centaur, this New Moon packs a real punch.
Exact at 03:30 GMT on the 18th Dec, the planets are aligning to bring the kind of potential we don’t often get to see. It tightly conjuncts not only the Sun and Saturn, but also the Galactic centre…” I have been feeling this for WEEKS! Probably because my own solar return sits right in the middle of this and the Solstice.
I’ve been receiving clear guidance to clear out, make space, make time, find stillness and simply BE a channel.

The kinds of answers that sometimes take hours to decipher will come quickly and clearly if you set the right tone to receive them – there is a LOT of truth that wants anchor down into earth right now.
It’s scattering everything in its way.
Let it all go.
New things are going to take root instead.

Full article is linked in profile …
SO many New Moon blessings to you. (And thank you for still being here). K

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Squinting to prevent the sweat 💦 from dripping in my eyeballs 🙃😳 .
Today marks one week of being medication free and let me tell you, I am feeling ALL THE FEELS. I have not been this emotional in quite sometime and it’s definitely something that I need to adjust to and figure out ways to cope with my triggers. The weekend is the hardest for me because I’m pretty much alone the majority of the time so my mind wonders EVERYWHERE which then makes me feel depressed which makes me not want to do anything, and then I have stomach pains from all of the stress. This morning I woke up feeling depressed and I was not present at all today and had patience for no one. .
The one thing that changes my mood and makes me 10x happier is working out. I’m bringing back my morning workouts! 💪🏼If you’re like me, then you need to be flexible enough to change your schedule around that best fits your body and body. Working out is like taking an anti-depressant for me. It gives me the endorphins that I need to boost my mood and put me in a good place followed up with my self-help books, journaling, and positive affirmations to start my day off STRONG 💪🏼 .
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Keep the cheer in the holidays this year! Tap the link in our bio to help keep your stress levels down this season.

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Yoga Nidra by Candlelight (and twinkling fairy lights!) at Crossfit Lutterworth tonight. The Yin with the Yang. A beautifully restorative and restful session - the perfect antidote to this frantic festive season. Thanks for having me @crossfitlutterworthuk and to all those who joined me on this foggy evening! Safe travels home x

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One hour of physical activity, it can be anything you like... Run, walk, swim, surf, ride your bike, kick the footy with the kids, take the dog to the beach for a run, do a yoga class. The opportunities to get exercise in are endless!
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