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Perfect outfit for a late dinner by the lake

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Bitter Sweet watching this one grow up πŸ‘§πŸΌ ... Saying that - Have you seen how cute she looks (sweets in mouth aside πŸ™„) In one of our new sets 😍 This is just one style of many more which will be made available very soon. That is style, not just fabric πŸ’­ Does that mean there are more styles... ?? 😲😱😲

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I basically use IG as a scrapbook, I get my pics automatically made into books with @chatbooks so I always try to write down funny stories or what's happening with the kids Bc I'm so scared of forgetting it one day!! ...
So storytime: Shea was an angel at vacation bible school last week and every day at pickup they'd tell me how well behaved he was etc. Well the last day his teacher said hold on the Director wants to talk to you. I was worried something bad happened but she came over smiling, gave me a hug and told me how great I've done with Shea. She wanted to talk to me in person to compliment how sweet and well behaved Shea was the past week. She told me how the teachers would fight over having him in their group, how he had impeccable manners, he was so helpful and consoled the other kids that were crying. She said she's been a preschool director for 25 years and has never seen a more thoughtful child. Literally turned me into a blubbering crying mess, so freaking proud of my child. It's not even me, he is just the sweetest most caring and kind little boy in the world.
So we're walking out to the car and I'm still smiling with tears in my eyes, so happy and just thinking wow I'm so lucky to have such a good kid.. when out of nowhere he decides to push Daisy off the curb and she face plants into the concrete ground. πŸ˜’ Bc "Daisy wouldn't hold my hand".. well shit. More work to do on the mom-front lol.

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Hey little princess