Karen Kay (@kay1897)

Aww my parents favorite song ❤️#missyoudad

Lily Scott (@lilysladle)

In case anyone is wondering if I went through an awkward phase, the answer is obviously no 😂😂😂 #tbt #eugene #weclimbedthebutte #ripRGE #missyoudad

Victoria Bithell (@vickilouise29)

...... Can’t believe nearly a year has passed. They same time is a healer, it doesn’t feel like it, just feels like you put a smile on your face and plod on through everyday. Getting married is going to be so bittersweet, not having you there to walk me down the aisle, or do a father daughter dance. I truly understand when people say you can die of a broken heart, because nothing hurts as bad as this. I’ll get through this, although life will never be the same, with my amazing fiancé, kids, family and friends, who if they weren’t there I don’t think I would have made it this far! #missyoudad #forever #missyou #loveyou

Yessenia Mahoney (@yessenia_mom_of_3)

My dad- My hero. It's been 13 years since you left us here. This year you would have been"80". I miss you more than you'll ever know. You were always in my corner- no matter what. Your we're the one that I talk to even if you didn't have the answers. Just the comfort knowing that you was listening. All the times I would wake up early just took see if I could go to work with you. To watch you make masterpieces out of nothing. I miss our funny conversations, your quirky laugh and so much more. #EverythingIsGoingToBeAlright #MissYouDad

Kateryna Korhun (@kalicete)

Пришлось ждать 1,5 зимних месяца, чтоб наконец выпал снег, и вот наша вера вознаграждается - катание на санках и битва снежками! Ура!!!
#зимнеенастроение #снег #санки #семья #веселуха #бабушкаивнук #зимапришла #winterfun #instasnow #familytime #missyoudad

Jmay (@jmay1026)

Loved my dad with all my heart and 29yrs later even though I’ve forgotten so much about him I still miss him. Check out that smile on my face.....I think you could tell I was gonna be a smart ass even then 😅💔🖤 1.18.89 a day I can’t forget #missyou #missyoudad #smartass #timepass

Taylor Gang🚫 (@fikriemubarok_)

Aku sangat menyayagimu,keringatmu menjadikan inspirasiku,canda tawamu selalu aku rindukan dan sedihmu adalah deritaku.

#mysuperhero #missyoudad #iloveyou

💋Dulce💋Garcia💋 (@dbgarcia449)

“He looked like he’d been sleepin'
And my family had been weeping by the time that I got to his side
And I knew that he’d been take and my heart it was breakin'
I never got to say goodbye
I softly kissed that man and cried just like a baby”
Original lyrics are from Blake Shelton - The Baby

Today is 6 mths Daddy and know I say good morning everyday to you and goodnight. I think of the good life you gave us and I thank you every day for making me the woman I am. There aren’t words to express the amount of emptiness I have and though the kids cheer me up and @jazyjay05 distracts there’s a huge void in my heart. I miss you Dad. #dad #thebaby #missyoudad #resteasy #6mthstoday #loveyoualways

Dï Thomas (@dthomaspictures)

♊️➕♌️= ♒️ • the hardest part of letting go of the ones you love is accepting that you're never going to see them again. Time doesn't heal the pain, you just learn to live with it. #tbt #missyoudad

Karen Lageveen (@roosmie)

This is our “up since 3am brave smile”. Hoping to sleep & wake up in Hawaii. Hoping to see Diamond Head from the air, my dads last resting place in the ocean. This will be our first time in Hawaii without him. He did go last time but in another form #hellodad #jakarta #missyoudad #hawaiianairlines #hawaii #honolulu #diamondhead #meandschmoops #notamornngperson #lucasfirstbirthday #gimmesomesun #pineapple #sunandsurf

kamadesignstudio (@nicokamajaya)

Semalam saya mendapat sebuah undangan makan malam.. Waktu saya lihat alamat venue acaranya...sepertinya alamat tersebut sudah tdk asing lagi..
Segera saya pergi ketempat tersebut..seorang laki2 tua membukakan pintu rumah untuk saya dan mempersilahkan saya masuk..cahaya yg redup membuat saya tidak bisa melihat jelas sosok di depan saya itu.....
Tampak di dalam rumah itu suasana yg sangat hangat..yang sepertinya tidak asing lagi bagi saya..dan..
Laki laki tua itu pun mempersilahkan saya duduk di meja makan yang besar di mana sudah tersedia berbagai macam hidangan...hidangan yg sangat saya suka dari kecil..
...dan laki2 tua itupun berkata..
"Nah...benar kan..dad ga pernah lupa semua makanan kesukaan kamu mas..ayo di makan.." Dad...thanks for visiting me in my dream last night.....it was lovely to see you and talk to you..miss you.. #missyoudad
#edisibaper #sosorry #mewextothemax

Nestor Ramirez Paz (@nestoramirezp)

Jueves de #tbt...
.de momentos simples, sencillos, cotidianos, que no volverán #familia #papá #together #OneHappyIsland #missyoudad