Bentley (@_bentleyboy_)

The face you make when everyone starts making comments about your "winter layers"

Sauli & Alma (@sauli.alma)

Meiän ekat vetoreenit tänää. Sofia ja Waka mukana. Palkkasin Wakan maaliin ja Sofia palkkas sit Alman. Molemmat koirat oli kyllä hiton päheitä💪 hyvä me! poikettii viä kurikan puistoon riehumaan reenien jälkee #mixedbreed #belgianshepherd #dogpark

Biscuit & Atlas (@bembrypups)

This was my lunch break yesterday. Atlas has made so much progress and I am so proud of him. Just a few months ago, he would have been too scared to play like that. He's really coming into his own, and I'm so excited for him. #whywerescue #rescuedismyfavoritebreed

Oliver Finn (@theoliverfinn)

I love car rides. Do you?

Freckled Bohemian (@the_freckled_bohemian)

#throwbackthursday this picture makes me laugh because I was outside taking selfies with Dexter 😁 and django walked over -scooched Dexter off my lap and got on himself and just posed 😂 Kaylee was laughing so hard. Right as soon as django got off- Coffee got on my lap and did the same . #weirdos ❤️