DS (@thebestofds)

Listen, then THINK before you SPEAK. First and foremost, is what you're saying true. A lot of times folks talk too much On fiction, fake stuff whether it be about someone or something, or go out of their way to run ones name thru the mud w/ false statements . If what you're saying isn't true, than there is no need to speak.
Personally, I look at 'N' most of the time. Is what I am about to say even necessary? Are people going to benefit from what is about to be said? If not, I usually just sit quiet, probably why I'm asked if I'm okay a lot of the times or if something is wrong.
Being quiet can be a great trait in times of chaos, trouble or friction. When you speak less, your words have a lot more value. I've had to learn this the hard way a few times. A lot of times, saying nothing is more beneficial. Being content w/ saying nothing can be more powerful than blabbering nonsense. Our words are so powerful, and should be used in a more positive aspect. We all have a level of influence as human beings, it starts w/ our words, and ultimately leads to our actions.
So, if what you're saying isn't true, it's not a honest statement, it's not inspiring or insightful, not necessary and/or isn't kind, than just bite your tongue and keep your mouth shut.
Cuz if I hear that goofy negative nonsense, you'll find me w/ the cold shoulder like "excuse me, was you saying something?! Nah uh, you can't tell me nothing. Nah uh, you can't tell me nothing!"

Fahmi Zainul Fanani Abduh (@fahmifanani_)

Fast is fine, but sometimes accuracy is everything. #bluronpurpose
How do you plan your weekend guys?

LiveFolk™️ #lifeofadventure (@livefolk)

I just found this beautiful image on our #LF10k hashtag, for those who had less than 10K followers! Congrats @tzu_jan93 your image made my morning! #lifeofadventure

Cristian Castellanos (@iamcaste)

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” -Albert Camus

Prolex Media - Winnipeg (@prolexmedia)

This “Summer” weather has us thinking of warm summer, pool-side days. Completed project we shot for @lnolandscapes

Visual•Photographer (@bevilens)

Hey party people... I invite you to join me through this window... I’m locked !! Help me 😜😜 !! Enough joke... so I’m proud to share with you this awesome @plotaverse animation... was so fun with my iOS Plotaverse app to make this one !! It looks fantastic right ?? Do you like this family ? Leave me your feedbacks !! Cheers buddies !!
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Olivia (@olivegreeen)

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, I watched the most dreamy winter sunset while being immersed in this geothermal oasis.. it feels like it was only yesterday, and I wish I could be here right now.