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Anti-aging beauty regimen. ✔️Lumispa 2 mins, 7 skin care benefits. Dual-action facial treatment. Sweeps away rough skin, increase cell turnover, stimulates tired skin, removes daily grime, pollution, oil and makeup. Micropulse oscillation technology pumps pores for improved cleansing extraction. Use twice daily. ✔️Galvanic Spa System II. A Revolutionary At-Home Spa System. It features patented self-adjusting currents and interchangeable conductors for the face, scalp and body. Enhances delivery of anti-aging ingredients. Use 2 - 3 times a week to younger looking you.
✔️ageLoc Me. State-of-the-art technology in anti-aging formulation. A device delivering effective anti-aging products to individual needs. A day and night moisturiser and an individual serum combination of 3 serum products in cartridges customised for individual. Use twice daily selecting Day and Night mode.
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Do like this 🙋🏾‍♀️ if you’re wearing your natural hair for service tomorrow. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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كريم بخلاصة المريميه والجوجوبا وزبدة الشيا. .لترطيب عميق وكثيف .
Help keep skin looking healthy and hydrated, naturally, with Intense Hydration Night Cream.
@burtsbeesuk .
@burtsbees .

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Weekend must-haves:

Favourite sunnies ☀️ Chic clutch 👛
Ultra Moisturizing Repair Gel with Calendula 🌼

The Ultra Moisturizing Repair Gel creates a smooth, lightweight and hydrating base underneath makeup for a flawless finish—perfect for a brunch date or day out with your girlfriends.
Shop it now: https://goo.gl/YoL27r ✨

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One Stop Shop for Men's Grooming. Please visit - http://mengrooming.namaste-fashion.com/
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The Ageing Skin
Skin sensitivity is not uncommon as one ages – but ageing folk sometimes experience a diminished sense of touch, i.e. feel less, we also tend to become hypersensitive to external stimuli; chemicals other environmental aggressors. In addition, the skin starts to thin as the epidermal barrier decreases, due to the ageing process and hormonal changes. And then there’s the collagen loss, sagging and wrinkles with which we crones also have to contend – but the compensation for such aggravation is supposed to be wisdom!
Not all things branded as ‘natural’ are necessarily suitable for everyone and one can’t blindly assume that what’s in the pot is exactly what is described on the label, because so many products are ‘green washed’ these days.
The skin is our largest organ, as well as being an important organ of elimination. It can therefore often provide us with clues about our internal state of health by reflecting disturbances, even subtle ones, at an external level. We’re exposed to so many chemical and environmental toxins on a daily basis that it’s not uncommon for people to express multiple chemical sensitivities.
What causes skin sensitivity
In order to establish exactly what causes skin sensitivity, stop using all your current products, including aqueous cream. This external elimination process is similar to the elimination diets used to determine food sensitivities. If your skin won’t tolerate a few days of ‘cold turkey’ treatment, you can try using plain jojoba oil as a moisturising agent and see whether your skin reacts to this lovely liquid wax (which is similar to the skin’s natural sebum). Then start reintroducing other products, one at a time for a few days each, taking note of what happens.
Extract taken from article written by Dr Sandi Nye.

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Brides-to-be who suffer from acne and their blemishes. Help prepare your skin using the best ingredients with an oil-free daily moisturiser with has a light tint with both UVA/UVB protection. The Prevention+ Daily Tint will give you an even skin tone and a healthy glow. It can also be used as a BB cream. #imageskincare #moisturisers #uvprotection #healthyskin #gettingmarried #brides #skincare #skinhealth #cosmeceuticals #bridalskincare #oilfree #acneskincare #bbcream #broadspectrum #skinenvy

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Cold face #masks, cold #eye masks and #cold massage tools are really good, even if they’re just the small metal spoons that you get with #moisturisers. Keep them in the fridge to apply the product and press lightly onto the #skin—it’s really good for lifting your #face. On days you’ve not managed an eight-hour beauty sleep, fake it with a cold compress. You can even use ice; just wrap the cubes in flannel and pat and press all over the face and watch the bags disappear.

Dr Ankita Singh (@derma_diaries)

#oilcleansing is a popular method of deep cleansing especially for people with congested and dehydrated skin... contrary to the popular belief that #oils are biggest enemy of #acne prone skin , it can really help, more so if you are on acne medication.. however you need to try and see which oil or oil based cleanser suits your skin.. also keep in mind that the oil or #cleanser that your skin loves in winters might break out your skin in summers... These are two of my favourite oil cleansers..
@eve_lom morning time cleanser for harsh #northindia #winters ... just the right kind of #balmytexture to #hydrate as well as #purify the #parchedskin ... the only issue is availability in India so be prepared to ask your foreign friends for help.. while it may be an #allyearround cleanser for people with #dryskin, #oilyskin would need a less oilier option for summers ( more so in hot & humid climate) @dermalogica #precleanse is my #summertime oil cleanser to reach out to.. texture is of a light oil that #emulsifies beautifully to leave #superclean skin that absorbs #moisturisers #skincare and #primers wonderfully..

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AUTUMN SPECIAL!! Spend over $100 and receive free shipping within NZ! Website link in bio 😄

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How much moisturiser do you really need to cover your face... just this much! A little goes a long way, particularly when you are using quality products that are designed to penetrate quickly and keep your skin hydrated and lock the moisture in. I'm stocked up with a full range of moisturisers and hydrating serums if you want to come and work out a treatment and product plan suited to your skin. #moisture

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Мы рады сообщить Вам о новой весенней акции от Nuxe 🌹
🎁Rose Petals Очищающая Мицеллярная вода (100мл.) в подарок, при покупке любого продукта из гаммы Crème fraîche®️ de beauté (48 Часов увлажнения и защита от загрязнений)
Спрашивайте в аптеках и сети магазинов Beautymania Вашего города!
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Right after taking this picture my rainforest of the sea setting spray fell of my balcony but survived 🤣🤣🤣
Anyways ya’ll this is TOP #shelfie SKIN ESSENTIALS SET by @tartecosmetics !!! .
This is a great skincare routine set by tarte including, •a multipurpose clay mask with one gold hydrating side and the other is clarifying •a multipurpose facial spray •a vitamin C infused eye cream •a hydrating gel based moisturiser . 🌴 WHAT I LIKE? 🌴 🏝️ TARTE IS 100% TRUE TO ITS CLAIMS HERE .
🏝️Cruelty free .
🏝️All natural .
🏝️The white side of the mask does cleanse your skin and is best applied in the t zone for combination skin, oily skin can also use it on the sides of their nose and cheeks. .
🏝️ The golden side is super hydrating and can be used all over the skin by all skin types. 🏝️The eye cream opens your eyes a little more and gets rid of stress. 🏝️The face cream provides the perfect amount of hydration for any skin type. 🏝️The multipurpose spray brings your skin to life as a primer, works great as a moisturiser and leaves off a dewy finish glow as a setting spray. .
I love everything about and would 100% recommend to everyone. ♥️
Like the picture, leave an emoji and tag @tartecosmetics, thankyou! .
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Okay... semua dok tanya2 apa yogic sleep ni kan 🤔

Ok make it short! ⤵️

1. As sleeping mask
Boleh ganti krim malam, then pakai dia as leave on mask. Pakai malam, xperlu basuh dah. Tido terus. Dia akan menyerap ke dalam skin kita dan betulkan hat mana yg xmolek tu. Yg penting skin kita kekal hydrated!!! Pernah x g check skin dekat skin expert mcm SK10, Sothys, bla bla bla. Dia ada machine tu kan. Dia akan ckp, oooo skin awak ni dehydrated ni.. sbb tu lah pori2 terbuka luas macam rongga hidung. Ha so yogic sleep ni akan membantu mslh2 lohong2 gelap itu.

2. Aqua Moisturizer

You olsss! iolss skang ni lepas je cuci muka mmg terus cari yogic. Kalau cari tak jumpak mmg boleh bikin amuk. Haa sbb kalau xpakai dia lepas cuci muka rasa mcm xcomplete. Ibarat pakai sluar xpakai spenda

3. Mampu merawat masalah "breakout skin"

Hello hello. Breakout skin pun mampu di rawat ok dgn pengunaan yogic yg hinggap di muka kita bermalam-malam! Plus dia ada cooling effect. Yg mana sunburn, yg mana pedih2 breakout skin, menggelupas ke. Hah ni lah makan dia!

Ahhh cukup la psl kelebihan dia.
xnak cerita semua lagi. Yang penting, ada baaaanyak lagi function benda alah ni! 😍

75g ni hanya RM 49
exclude postage!! Boleh tahan sehingga 2 bulan pengunaan
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