Matt Killebrew (@killamodene)

Every now and then my wonderful mother in law will send me honest to god newspaper clippings. Ink and paper carefully cultivated and cut just for me. It’s a good feeling to receive this kind of care and I wish we’d all do it more often.
This particular piece of press was about one of my all time favorite musical heroes, Mike Nesmith. You might recognize Mr. Nesmith as the Monkees guitarist with a signature wintery way about him. However, to mistake Papa Nez (as he is known amongst fans) as purely primate would be to deprive oneself of a kind of genius that has been picking up clubs and pulverizing the norms of music at the foot of monoliths for 50 years now. One part country, one part rock and two parts cosmic, Papa Nez is a space cowboy on a space odyssey to make music as old as time and as future as forever. If you’ve never explored the Nez’ career beyond Nick at Nite I encourage you to correct your faux pas now... right now.
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Vincent Rodriguez III (@vrodrigueziii)

#BTS I think the new shampoo @donna_lynne_champlin used in last week’s episode of @cw_crazyxgf is really doing wonders for her hair. #ShampooAd #SpokesModel #MommaDonna #Shenanigans #ILoveMyCast #crazyexgirlfriend @thecw

Kacie 👑 (@kaciebabie)

Took Mom to @museum_of_lllusion , right before I kicked her off a skyscraper....

Lauren Little 🐘 (@_middle_little_)

Happy Birthday, Momma. Words cannot express how thankful I am for you and all that you do. I love you so much. ❤️ #mommadonna

ODI3S3L☔️💫 (@odiesel__)

My Oldest Brother Was On Stage 2 Cancer Hadd It For 3.5 Years & Beat It .. Now We Found Out Momma Is On Stage 3 Breast Cancer , Momma Not Doinn Good At All🤧 .. iJuss Wantedd To Ask Yall (Believer Orr Not) Can Yhuu Please Pray For My Mom , Thats All iAsk For🤞🏾💯#FuckCancer #FuckBreastCancer #WarOnCancer #PrayForMomma #MommaDonna

C H E L S 💃🏼👑 (@chelsea_xo7)

Happiest Birthday to my beach lovin’, margarita sippin’, sassy momma! Love you so much! 😘🍹🌴#mommadonna

Jeffrey Williams (@bo.tie97)

Happy birthday to the worlds greatest mom🎉🍾🎉 If you’re mom is half as good as a mom as mine than she’s a pretty great mom #mommadonna

Mystickal Moon (@mystickalmoon)

“Isis, Great Goddess of Healing, please help to heal me of my illness. Help to heal the things that need to be fixed in me. You are all powerful and wise. Let me be whole again. I honor you with this candle.” Burning one of Momma Donna’s Magickal Candles to evoke the Great Mother & Healer, Isis. 💙 #mystickalmoon #mommadonna #magick #candlelight #healing #isis #greatgoddessmother #protectyourpeace #peace #forwardmovement #2018

Maddie Archer (@maddiearch_)

It's crazy how you can live in the same town as someone your whole life and never meet them until you come to college (especially when it's someone this special!!) Annelize, I wish we would have met sooner but I wouldn't trade the time I've had with you for anything!! From the late nights for Greek Goddess practices to the late nights in the car showing each other new music, life with you has been nothing short of a blessing and so full of laughter! Today is your day sis and I hope it's the best one yet! You are so loved!!! 💞 #bestiegal #onelastdance #mommadonna

Kristin Mullaney Barney 🍀 (@kristin406)

✅Bucket List! My mom makes my dreams come true. Love sharing these times together! #ladygaga #tripswithmymomma #mommadonna

Cortney Stansbury (@cortneysoldkc)

Had fun with these beauties yesterday!! Instead of our annual #WestonMissouri trip we decided to check out the #historic downtown #leessummit. Made it by a couple of shops then stopped in at @thirdstreetsocial for #bottomlessmimosas What a fun day!! #stansburygirls #mommadonna #sistastacey #missmadison

Amanda Masseur (@masseuramanda)

By far the funniest person I know 😂😂😭😭 #MommaDonna

Holistic Lotus (@holistic_lotus)

A few weeks ago I picked up one of Momma Donna’s Magickal Candles from Mystickal Moon to assist me in taking my Personal Power back from a toxic relationship with a family member. Momma Donna has an incredible selection of Magickal Candles that assist with many things. If you return to Mystickal Moon with the wax she will read it for you! Go check ‘em out!!! $8/candle & receive a FREE reading! Mystickal Moon 1727 W. Liberty St., Allentown, PA 18104 🔮🔥✨ #MommaDonna #mystickalmoon #magickcandles #ifyoubelieveinmagic #personalpower #womensupportingwomen #bringingonlygoodvibes #vibratehigher #allentown #pennsylvania

Ali Gardner (@aliyatesg)

Bonfires, babies and s’mores is how we spend our weekends🔥🍫
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