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There's a SPOOKY good deal happening over on my website! Head over and grab them before they are gone!! #mompreneur #momboss #halloween

Antoaneta Vitale (@antoanetavitale)

Shooting done ✅... Soon the new #Me 💚... By the way... I love green but the green background is there only to allow me to remove it 😂🍀
Quick tips: Green is the unique color do not existing in the human body... so if you want to successfully remove the photo's background, take photo with #greenbackground... That's it.😉

Intentional Activities (@intentional.activities)

IA's 30 days until Autumn☀️🍁. This is DAY #29. Have A Perfect Day! Each semester I give my students an assignment that requires them to jot down the elements that they would include in ‘A Perfect Day’. Some submissions are practical, while others are simply fantastical! But the object of the exercise is to get them to focus on everything that is NOT a usual mundane daily task (aka the stuff that brings us joy). Some take ‘sick days’ from work. Others call them ‘mental health days’. While I am certainly not encouraging anyone to have poor work ethic, lapses in integrity, or risk dismissal from a job, thinking about taking a day off ‘on purpose’ (if time permits) may not be such a ‘bad’ idea. In planning your perfect day, there is only one rule: You may ONLY include those activities that you always lament not having enough time and/or money to do. Even if you have to split your ‘perfect day’ into a couple of days, what’s on your intentionally fulfilling agenda?! 🦋#intentionalactivities #intentionalliving #behappy #mompreneur #becauselifeisntalwayslinear #investinyourself #worklifebalance #theother40% #stayathomemom #workingwomen #girlboss #balance #selflove #selfcare #livelovelaugh #selfcompassion #grateful #mentalhealthday #sickday #perfectday #getintentional @intentionalactivities.com

Bantu Project (@bantu_project)

OBSESSED with how @em_erge styled our Pretty necklace with one of her beautiful, custom-made skirts 😍

Bianca-project manager (@caydencayconsulting)

Many of my clients are coaches just like me. I think every successful business person needs a business coach/mentor.
The changing point for me in my business and cash flow was when I hired my business coach to tear my business apart and we rebuilt it based on a foundation that I could back up. When you're first starting out, you have no clue what you can deliver, it just sounds good. So my business coach helped me to eliminate all the fluff and focus solely on the facts: what can Bianca deliver?
1. I can help deliver cash flow generating activities in your business
2. I can help you discover your strengths and figure out how to get paid for your strengths and expertise.
3. I can help you gain clarity on what action to take first based on your finances and circumstances.
4. I can help you articulate clearly what you actually do in your business and what results you provide for your customers
I'm really clear on what I do and what I can do for my clients and I want to help you get clear too.
I also buy strategy sessions from other coaches so that they can pour into me and help me better.
So yes, coaches need coaches too.
Let me help you.
Book your session at caydencayconsulting.com.
If you have questions just hit the "text" button and I will answer your questions, comments, and/or concerns

Playful Bonnets for Littlies (@fosterthebrave)

YOU'RE INVITED! Today is my baby girl Foster's 1st birthday! We are so excited to celebrate this special day and would like you all to celebrate with us 🎉If you order today (and only today), type the words BIRTHDAY BASH in your order notes at checkout and you'll get a present (or two!) from yours truly. ❤️ ..........................Now I'm just waiting for Foster to wake up so we can do all of her favorite things, like crawl up the stairs, empty tissue boxes, eat food off the floor (just kidding on that last one) 😂🎉1️⃣🎂

EmmaAndApril (@emmaandapril)

Just a friendly reminder that we are heading back to Canada today! The website will remain open but orders won't ship until October 2nd when we return.

KuddleBumz.com (@kuddlebumz)

Yoga every day! Don't show up to yoga class with a boring bag. Jazz it up a bit with these fun patterns! You can find these this weekend at the @vintage_and_made_market in Lancaster or on my website www.kuddlebumz.com

IAMNadiaOlivia (@iamnadiaolivia)

11 years ago on this day, I gave birth to one of the most amazing, talented, creative, smart &beautiful little girls I know. I'm not saying that because she's mine. If you know her, you know that you are blessed to know here. I give God ALL THE GLORY for her life. She's been through so much in her 11 years but with God, she has been able to pass through the fires, command mountains to move and experience about the miracle of healing. She has such a testimony, I can't wait for her to share it with the world. Happy Birthday my 1st greatest gift from God. May God continue to guide your footsteps. Never let anyone or anything distract you from the fulfilling the purpose God has for your life. As you always say, You can do ALL things in Christ who strengthens you!#mommylovesyou #birthdaygirlswagg #mompreneur #buildinganempire #treasured #treasuremoments

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Working on a custom dessert bar sign for a sweet bride---now to add some pretty florals! And...is it weird that I now want dessert at 9:00 am?!🍰🍫🍪🍮 Also---Thanks so much to everyone who shopped with me last night--I still have some cute stuff up for grabs--I will post some updates later but you can also see what is left in my previous posts❤️ .
#handlettering #handlettered #moderncalligraphy #fauxcalligraphy #woodsign #woodsigns #rusticsign #rusticsigns #rusticdecor #weddingsign #weddingdecor #dessertbar #weddingreception #customsign #customorder #etsyshop #etsyseller #etsy #maker #makersgonnamake #momboss #mompreneur #prettyandprinted

Beth & Will (@credit_assets)

Happy Wednesday Everyone😊 We are getting closer to the weekend. Please remember that there is no greater feeling than how you feel when you empower and do good for others.
One who teaches a man to fish will empower him and his family to eat for many days 👊 #wednesday #empower #motivationalquotes
#becomeyourownboss #success #entrepreneur #mompreneur #singlemom #internetmarketing #laptoplifestyle #mortgagebroker #homebusiness #digitalmarketing #networkmarketing #onlinesuccess #onlinemarketing #realtor #makemoneyonline #makemoneyfromhome #moderndayentrepreneur
#hybridmarketing #freedom #winwithwill #beingsuccessfulwithbeth


Good morning! 🌞
Currently, I am torn between label designs. If anyone needs me I will be napping in the woods among the butterflies.
[I'm playin. I will be drinking lots of coffee and staring at serif fonts until I laugh or cry....or both]
#perfectionist #capricorngirls #dontquityourdaydream #relax #takeabreak #butterflies #thatcreativelife #mompreneur #goodmorning

Sharon Purbeck DeNova (@sharondenova)

This is SOOOOO exciting!!! We have NEW products coming out in October!!! 🙌 Do you remember last year when LASH BOOST (US only) and ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM launched?! These products caused a huge upsurge in our business.

What I can tell you about our NEW product is that: ✔️It is brand new to the skincare industry. ✔️It is projected to •TRIPLE• our revenue. ✔️People will be looking for a consultant to buy it from (Why not you?)
✔️It is exclusive to Rodan+Fields. ✔️It will be introduced in October and I'll be one of the first ones to learn about it, use it and share it with you, unless YOU decide to jump on this train. ---> Then you'll also get first dibs!

If you've been considering this opportunity....JUMP IN!!! YOU want to be part of this NEW RELEASE!!
#LifeChangingSkincare #CantWait

Christina Phillips (@christinaswholeheartedliving)

Tea......rain.....fur baby snuggles.......such a beautiful way to spend my morning 🤗
I'm definitely on my way to healing and super grateful for the life I have created where I get to take these moments.🙏🏻 Today I am grateful for the process and the journey.
By honouring the struggle, we see the light, which in turn allows us to grow and this time of rest for me has allowed a lot of self reflection about myself, my future and how I want to feel.

Honour your struggle loves and ask yourself what do you want to feel more of?