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A baby burrito 🌯 for your taco Tuesday 🌮 #candidslumber

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I read an article recently that really stuck with me. It was all about the beauty in just letting go of 'plans' and allowing the day to flow with your child's needs. It talked about how children are often so over-scheduled, but thrive just as equally just being in the moment with you, doing whatever comes naturally. I also remember at my women's circle one of the mothers once said that after struggling to come up with an activity for the afternoon, instead she just packed a bag and left the house with no plan. She followed her toddler and they adventured and explored all afternoon and said it was the best day and just the most fun! Just following our children, allowing them the freedom to explore and investigate and encouraging their natural inquisitive natures can only have positive outcomes I would imagine. I sometimes struggle with wondering what to do next, am I giving my daughter enough to do? Am I providing her with enough stimulation and learning opportunities whilst also having fun? I think every parent worries about these things, but the truth is they only want our attention, love and guidance to explore the world around them. I intend to spend less time worrying about this and more time following my toddler as she navigates nature. I imagine that's way more fun ✨🌿🌈 thanks to @spencerguyandco for this beautiful portrait ❤️

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Yesterday was such a good day, we baked cakes, cleaned the house, played with everything we possibly could and went to bed with our hearts and bellies full 😍 [the most perfect dairy free butterfly cakes]

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Giyinmişim, süslenmişim, rüya gibi bir yerdeyim, yanımda çocuklar yok, etrafımdaki güzellikleri keşfetmeye çalışıyorum, sokak çalgıcılarının müziğine kendimi kaptırmışım, elimde fotoğraf makinem bol bol fotoğraf çekiyorum, hava nasıl mis, içime çekiyorum🌸birden, annee çişim geldi!! sesiyle irkiliyorum gözümü bir açıyorum karşımda Kaan, yatağımdayım, sabahın kör karanlığı, dur ben neredeydim diyemeden Kaan'ın sesine Baran uyanıyor vee gün başlıyor 🙈😅
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Yes, this is our bath. And yes, those are all of LPD's clothes. But no, we're not getting divorced, we're just having central heating installed. It is utter mayhem here this week! Thankfully, Pickle finds the noise of drilling quite amusing.

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In the forest : #aoc_14
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• MENTAL HEALTH • The thing with any kind of mental health illness is that you don't just get to turn it off, you don't get to decide when or where you feel it and in all honesty I don't think its something that ever truly goes away completely. Although I've come a long way everyday I still feel some aspect of who I used to be whether it's anxiety, low mood, the feeling of panic or the control over food and those voices in my head telling me that I am not skinny enough, pretty enough or worthy of anything. What I do have a control over is the way I respond to those feelings or thoughts. Today I choose not to ignore them but to be the stronger of the voices and tell myself that I am worthy, I am enough and that I will continue on fighting these demons. If not for myself then for this little girl who holds my hand, this little girl who looks up at me and this little girl who will one day grow up and be a woman who I hope won't have to feel the way I feel so often. It's my responsibility to be the stronger person for her. #motherhood