Bronwyn D (@everyday.fifo.wife)

Seeing as though it’s bump/hump day I thought I’d share one of my fave belly photos of when I was around 38/39 weeks pregnant with Mack!! God I loved his belly sooo much! My theory is the bigger the better! Anyone else just obsessed with big pregnant bellies?? #everydayfifowife .
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Stephanie Glover (@mittenmother)

The gang's all here! We are just getting some crisper air! Prior to this week our only sign of fall were all the yummy treats! #candycorn #candypumpkins #fallmandms #reesespieces

CleverMade (@clever_made)

San Diego working afternoons much? 😉 Who else is sitting at their desk wishing they were here right now? #clevermade
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Hi! I'm Marisa! (@hellobabybrown)

We were playing in the pool this afternoon when Sloan randomly said, "Mama I'm sad for the kids that live in Palm Springs." I asked her why she was sad and she said, "Cuz they don't have fall so they don't get to dress up on Halloween and get candy." I explained that even though the weather doesn't feel like fall, they still get to celebrate Halloween. She gave me this surprised look and said, "So they get to go swimming everyday AND they get Halloween?!" I don't know if I ever seen her more jealous 😂. You lucky Palm Springs kids you.
The girls towel ponchos are from @kindhood and they're so soft and absorbent! They've been a lifesaver this trip. Darling monogrammed hats by @reytoz! #sloanysays

K a y l a (@floating.feather.essentials)

Kidscents line has made our life with oils so easy. Put a roller top on our Owie for easy application... and it’s not just for the babe, adults like this too ☺️

LemonBerry Designs (@lemonberrydesigns)

Sorry for my short absence, we spent the weekend exploring 🙌🏼

Arrowcreek Portraits (@arrowcreekportraits)

I'm so glad she didn't think I was a crazy person when I said I wanted her to go stand in a tree while the branches covered her 😂😍 #light

Rebekah Kucera (@rebekahkucera)

Little ruffle butt 😍 today was a rough one since Kennedy isn’t feeling good. This mama got to exercise her patience muscle 😂 also, I read this today & thought it was so good - “Our goal is to faithfully represent Him {God} to our children as an authentic reflection of His heart and His character.” - Sally Michael 🖤

DeJoria Designs Apparel (@dejoriadesignsapparel)

How cute is @theblondehousewife little bundle of joy in our favorite onesie 😍

Buttons Diapers (@buttonsdiapers)

#Repost @thesaltwatermama
I adore these little puppy print diapers from @buttonsdiapers And I also enjoy making fun of him while he squirms around during tummy time. Don't judge me #idowhatiwant

Hannah Berglund Photography (@hannahberglundphotography)

Sweetest family of three. ✨ Baby Z stole my heart.