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Zach W. Lorton (@djzachlorton)

Homemade latte. Find a small jar, fill almost halfway with 2% milk, shake weight that sucker for 30 seconds, then microwave it for 45 secondd to keep the foam from collapsing. Add to 8 ounces of coffee or 2 shots of espresso, spoon the foam on top.

Sarah Buron (@fitfoodiesarah)

We're faced with something like 200 food choices a day, so I got quite good at justifying to myself why it was okay for me to eat like sh**. Everyone else is doing it, just one more bag of chips, just one more handful, just one more cocktail, just one more plate of nachos. Well, I decided to draw my line in the sand on January 15th & I've been laser focused ever since. My sugar/junk cravings are gone and I have been CONSCIOUSLY eating for the first time in a long time, not just shoveling in whatever feels good in the moment. I've been eating with a plan and a purpose for the last 39 days -- and I feel good, DAMN good. ✌🏻 #EatAllTheFoodGetAllTheResults

Natasha Bradley Nutrition (@nbnutrition)

Time saving, money saving, nutrient-density saving...get frozen vegetables in your freezer! Easily the best back up plan for keeping your nutrition on the course you want it to be - because #realtalk we pack a lot into our lives, and perfectly planned meal prep on the weekend is not everyone’s answer πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ myself included!
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Gamifying Budgeting. Sprout. (@savewithsprout)

πŸ“’πŸ“’ A great way to challenge yourself is to keep track of the days that you don't spend any money. Β°
πŸ›‘πŸ›‘ No Spend Days πŸ›‘πŸ›‘
Even though we don't have too many days that this would happen normally, when you begin to track something you inherently want to do your best. 🀳
You will find yourself saying no to some expenses that would break your streak or you wouldn't want to lose a no spend day because you wanted to buy something meaningless. πŸ’Έ
Tracking is a great way to help create more focus and attention towards your finances. No spend days are difficult to have but you will find yourself thinking about your money differently and planning things out just because you want to see how many you can get in a month. 🎯🎯
Goodluck! 🀞🀞🀞
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K E L L Y S T A N F I E L D (@kmcstanfield)

it really is a must have /// want a jar? Purchase a regimen + it’s yours for free. Offer ends 2/28. So I’ve heard from my fellow people, this offer has never happened before. Don’t wait and get $80 worth of product for free #moneysaver #rodanandfields #doitdoitdoit #lifechangingskincare

Karri Wilson (@karrismission)

So, LOFT CRAFT ROOM continued!

South wall (w/windows):
Since I had created TONS of storage space on the East wall, I decided to select a long unit that would fit underneath the windows that was large enough to hold her sewing machine & surger. This also had drawers for storage of her tools and her notions.

West wall (this was actually a railing that overlooked the family room):
I found a double-sided drop-leaf table that had three drawers on each side of the base. This gave her six more drawers for lace, binding, rickrack, etc. She could easily collapse 1-side, or both, if she needed the floor space.
East wall:
This shows a different view of the wall shown in my earlier post. You'll see the storage units and containers that utilize every inch of space for her fabric, thread, yarn, patterns, photographs & all supplies for crafting.

North wall:
THERE IS NO NORTH WALL, only a railing & a permanent ladder to climb into the loft. HOW FUN FOR KIDS, RIGHT?

The client even played games with her grandchildren up there. It was QUITE THE HIT! πŸ˜‰
Ta-da! Happy Client! πŸ€—

Maisie Knowles Interiors (@maisieknowlesinteriors)

I did some open shade surgery today πŸ˜† I got a quote to fix this shade for $300 😳 I spent $6 in materials from Joann’s and 2 hours to figured out how to do it myself πŸ’ͺ🏼
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State of Restoration Woodworks (@stateofrestoration)

I have liked having my @oneidaairsystems #dustdeputy for my #festoolct36 dust extractor. Now I have hard proof that it works. I noticed the other day that it didn’t seem like it had a lot of suction when sanding a cutting board. I’d say this is why. I’d much rather replace a cheap plastic bag than an expensive Festool bag. I’ll still have to replace that expensive bag and the hepa filter, but this thing sure does add a lot of life to those. I pretty much use it only on my sanders, domino, track saw, and router. I don’t do any shop clean up with it, so this also makes me be impressed with the dust collection on my Festool tools. My only request would be to figure out a way to integrate #systainers above or below it, so you could roll your extractor with your tools on board too.
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