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Pink & Green in Black & White - May be temp

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грустная зима.

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Have you ever felt a heart break? A betrayal? A sadness? Cheating? Helplessness? If yes, then you can understand how I am feeling. Yes, I am an alone girl but it was never my choice. I am a sad girl. The heart-breaks were never my options. The tears and sadness were never so dear to me. Have you ever felt love,lost,lust,longing,depression and pain all at once? Do you know how it feels to be beautiful and lovely but lifeless and hurt at the same time? Have you ever cried so much that tears refuse to come out?He was just playing safe. The world is not even black and white anymore…just blurred! The dark images of your past haunt you so bad that it bleeds but you can do nothing just to watch it silently. The silence become the permanent part of your life. You cry,shout,curse but no one listens. You need a break, an escape but there’s no way out. You are just helpless. Has it been same to you too? It was never in your hands and you knew he’s not the one for you but you chose to shut your eyes and surrender. Why? Because the feeling of delusion was much beautiful than the comforts of truth! I don’t know anything anymore. there’s a war going on in my mind and my diary knows it. Would you like to turn few of it’s.....•

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