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Betapa kejamnya senjougahara
Chara:senjougahara&araragi (yang matanya dicolok)

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End of Monogatari 😭
"If you were to Die tomorrow, I'd be fine with tomorrow being the last day of my life. If you were to livethrough today, I will also choose to live through today.
If you were to Die the day after tomorrow I shall live for three days time... I shall recite the story of my master with pride to a listening ear. - Kiss-Shot.😭
This year marked the practical end of the Monogatari Series Story. What a journey it has been, by far the most unique anime I've ever seen, the way the story is narrated, the characters, the Plot twists, the world, the SHAFT animation. It was always a joy to wait and watch every episode and dig deep into the dialogue to realize the meanings behind such lines. Not to mention how it all ended 😭😭 the last episode of Owarimonogatari destroyed me to bits.
We still have ZokiOwari to look forward to but with it's story ending The Monogatari Series cements its place as one of my All Time favorite anime and experiences and for sure a great moment in this great year 😊.

Toko-san (@tokonisan)

I still haven't seen the third movie yet but the first and second were phenomenal. Love araragi
Anime: kizumonogatari

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ENJOYΠ»Μ΅Κ±ΒͺΚ±ΒͺΚ±Βͺ (α•‘α—’α“«ΰΈ²βˆ—)Λ’.
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Anime: Kizumonogatari Part 1 : Tekketsu
Characters: --- (if you know the character comment the name)
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El hermoso fondo de pantalla que tengo en mi celular, lastima que no se vea completo #monogatari #monogatariseries

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【Anime: #MonogatariSeries】
: β€œI need more words to express myself, so just wait a bit till i press myself futher into this bullsh*t”.βž–ι»’γƒ‡γƒ¬