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I see a blemish 😳 I really thought I was too old for pimples by now! It should be gone by tomorrow using my melaleuca essential oil! Melaleuca is called Tea Tree in 🇦🇺 and is awesome for anything to do with cleaning, or if you need an antibacterial! This tea tree smells beautiful too...not like the one you find at the supermarket. I carry mine everywhere in a sample size 8 vial dōTERRA case, as it’s also awesome for any bites or grazes the twins may get 💕

Rachel Jenks-Grainger (@aretheyallyours)

#tbt to the pictures that started it all for me. This was about 2 years ago, at one of my kids birthdays. One of my family members took these and loaded them on Facebook. And when I clicked on them, it just hit me. I didn't immediately criticize my weight, arms, face or stomach. Instead the first thing that popped into my mind was "this isn't me." I didn't resemble my true self anymore. I had always been an energetic, positive and active person. I had always taken pride in my appearance & I loved clothes and makeup. I always wanted to be a mom that could jump in and do anything with their kids. I loved sports and competition and pushing myself. And these pictures reflected none of that. I could clearly see I was unhealthy, unhappy, exhausted and depressed. I was wearing anything I could hide my body under. I didn't care to throw on a stitch of makeup (something I swore I would never give up). I didn't want to look at pictures for years to come and think all of these same things. So the next day, I got up, and went to work on myself. I didn't even have tennis shoes to wear working out! I just grabbed a pair of slip ons and went.That was my Day 1. And I just felt in my body and soul that this was the time it was different. I never ever stopped to wonder if I could do this. I just made a goal and kept my eyes on it. I didn't follow a diet or program, I did what I knew would work, which was eat good food, and work hard.
I am not back to my old self however. I am a whole new version. I've been doing things I really didn't think were possible. My mind has transformed so much along with my body that I can't compare it to "the old me" anymore.
These pictures were exactly what I needed to see when I needed to see them. And please know that it is entirely possible to be who you want in your lifetime. No matter how far off a goal may seem, it is possible to get there. It is all possible.

🌻Melanie (@mellabella09)

🖤My Littlest Love 🖤Let me hug you a little more before your not little anymore #theobear🐻#coolasacucumber 😎 #turningthreesoon #myminime

Bridget Rohm|Mommy Blogger (@thislittlelife1)

Rycker is having another surgery tomorrow. We ask that you wear red for Rycker tomorrow. Use the #ryckersheartheroes And tag me. A revival of the I Wear Red for Rycker Campaign! If you would like to make a donation to the Rycker’s heart heroes fundraising page you can find the link in our bio! Thank you for all your support, it means the world to our family! #iwearedforrycker #ryckertheupsanddowns #ryckersheartheroes #homiewithanextrachromie #heartwarrior #heartdefect #childhoodunplugged #childrenshospital #downmagazine #savetheheartbeat #heartheroes #trisomy21 #t21 #t21rocks #fundraiser #gofundme #donations #spreadtheword #linkinbio #momlife #momblogger #blog #website #motherhood #unplugged #wearredtomorrow #momlife #heart❤️

Zoe (@zoe_gracefullife)

Haha 😆 🎵 the wheels on the bus go round and round 🎶 make me so happy

T 👑 (@notanothermumblog_)

Thanks to this seemingly never ending snow, we have been house bound for the last 3 days 🏡🌬️
The snow is so deep that it's almost impossible to push the pram through 🌨️❄️
Not being able to get out and about has made the days looong and it's hard to keep bubbs occupied when his reflux is acting up, he's teething and is generally fed up 🙍
So even though the last few days have been tough on us both, these precious moments remind me what it's all for 💗
After bath time, I always cuddle bubba to sleep in my bed 😇 (FYI mum police: I put him in his crib after he's asleep 👋)
People can say I'm creating a bad habit or spoiling him all they want but I personally don't see anything wrong with giving my child all the affection in the world 🌏
Nothing bad ever happened to a baby who was loved too much 💁💁
I love our nightly snuggles together 🙋🌇
I know they won't last forever so I'm stealing every cuddle I can while I still can 😏❤️

My Four Arrows (@ashpullen13)

Some days you finish school a little early. Those are the days we pop popcorn and snuggle on the couch to watch a movie. #homeschoollife