Digital Meraki (@digitalmeraki)

Setting and climbing for goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation . It focuses your acquisition of knowledge, and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the very most of your life.

Photography by: @melchisan

Tim Harris (@timothyimagery)

The beautiful Blue Mountains National Park at sunset

AR Endurance Sports LONDON (@ar_collective)

@transgrancanaria it's time to race 🤙🏼 Today the 360C runners head off on a 265k self supported journey. Our very own @jamesdpoole is in the mix. We're off to the start line as we type.
We've also got 16 other brave souls racing over various distances in the next few days. Follow the action and live cheering on our Facebook group.
360 - 265k
WED 9am
@jamesdpoole 6070

FRI 8am
@Jamesbrewster 2703
@melanies_mckay 2262
@claireweustenraed 2599
@adam.lennox 2189
@mark_parry 2434
Svenja 2597
@emm_lee 2691
@gif_jitti 2453
Rachel 2278

Transgrancanaria 125k FRI 11pm
@claudi8s 239
@brocken.spectre 417
@ultra.chamois 759
30K SAT 8am
Francesca 3126
@littleblueeyedbeast 3191
@sourdough_mess 3084
80k SAT 8am
@banjosaurus 1196

Run smart. Race well.
#ARcollective #ARtrailteam #ARraceteam #transgrancanaria #ultrarunner #fallinlovewithrunning

Mihaela Alina (@ali_mihaela)

Vamos tan deprisa por la vida que no miramos lo que hay alrededor... vamos tan deprisa que olvidamos mirar con el alma...
Deténte un minuto y empápate de alegría , de vida , de verde y olor a primavera , ríe y grita , no olvides acariciar y amar , no olvides que somos una explosión de sentimientos y de ilusiones ... no olvides VIVIR!!! Feliz día Pitufos !!!!
#mountaingirls #mountainlove #mountainadict #naturaleza #trail #trailrunning #ultrarunning #vivir #puravida #loves_liberty #cataluña #catalonia #catalunyaexperience #catalunya #garraf #parcgarraf #primavera #feelingood #alive #instarunner

🌲R e e l i k a 🌲 (@reeelika)

“Nothing makes us feel this way, we choose to get in to such feeling” Ryan Holiday

Kristyna (@teesedlackova)

I captured my best man and his personal victory. He had a really great: 4:08!!
He started in the last wave and he was able to outrun more than 2000 competitors.
I couldn't be more proud 💙
#jizerska50 #crosscountryskiing