Puawai Munro-Halkyard (@puawaimunrohalkyard)

Move well

Move with intent to look after your body

Take your time in developing skills & strength

Practice good lines

Value good movement

Anyone can do this, it just takes time, confidence & patience.Valuing good movement means you will have a body to continue to train with in the future. Do your best to not take the short cuts, in the long run taking your time to develop good positions pays off 👌

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LK (@barbell_blonde)

This is Amanda Turner- who has never done Olympic lifting in her life- nailing positions 4-7 of the muscle clean. New athletes never cease to amaze me with their attention to detail and ability to execute new movement patterns. Look out for her in group classes next week! 😎💪 #girlpower

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Monica Radu (@monicaradu_fit)

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! This was my Sunday morning conditioning circuit! (Vid is sped up & shortened) This was INTENSE! I am all about finding new moves and things to try but sometimes all you need are the basics 🙌🏻 did this 4 times with a few minutes of rest in between: 10 back squats, 10 push-ups, 10 deadlifts, 10 burpees, 10 assisted pull ups, and 15 kettlebell swings! •
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Worcester Kettlebell Club (@worcesterkettlebellclub)

Strength has a greater purpose. The best feedback any coach can receive is when a person they partner with experiences and recognizes improvements in other areas of their life than what they may have intended to influence.

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SHAKTIBARRE™️ (@shaktibarre)

Repost from @whitneytucker1 from Shakti YTT: “I love the rigor of teaching. What is better than the moment where someone who has worked so hard to apply something numerous times, something only before theoretical that then integrates and owns something for themselves? It’s such a high! I had the opportunity to teach anatomy and biomechanics to yoga teachers-in-training @shaktibarre over the last weeks. Yesterday, we refined each person’s downward dog (a position they have repeated hundreds, maybe thousands of times) with physical adjustments, some new perspectives and steady support. They were able to integrate the biomechanical principles we had been discussing and you can see the before and after (just minutes apart) results.” #yoga #movewell #yogaeverydamnday #brooklyn #downdog

Jeff Barton (@jeffreyarthurbarton)

Roman and I working on our catch and clap skills. Btw, that’s The Greatest Showman soundtrack in the background. Do yourself a favor and go see it. Right now. 🥜🎪🐘 #longliverecess #circuslife

Dylan Alves | Coach Sportif (@dylanalvescoaching)

FR - Le coaching d'hier au @rawtrainingarena, bon espace pour s'entraîner 💪
Comme on le voit dans la vidéo, il est important d'utiliser les jambes pour aider à pousser la barre au dessus de la tête (dans cet exercise)
PT - Coaching de ontem no @rawtrainingarena, bom espaço para treinar 💪
Como vemos no video, é importante utilizar as pernas para ajudar a impulsionar a barra para cima da cabeça.

Physio Sports Clinic (@physiosportsclinic)

Problems and Pain - Pelvic torsion is a relatively common issue for our patients. It can cause persistent and troubling pain - but it can be treated. The pelvis is made up of the two hips (Ilia), the sacrum, coccyx, and the two pubic bones joined by the pubic symphysis. The pelvis is stabilised by a system of ligaments which hold the joints together tightly. Due to muscular, postural or ligament dysfunction, these joints can begin to show either instability or locking patterns, and often the body tries to compensate for the pain caused by twisting the pelvis, and causing one side to work harder. Torsion in the pelvis means that one side is more rotated than the other. This can cause low back pain, affect the posture and cause a knock on effect in other parts of the body. With Physiotherapy, we can mobilise the affected joints, release the tension in the surrounding muscles, alleviate the pain and give you exercises to strengthen the weaker side and reduce the compensation pattern that feeds into the cycle of torsion.
Book online with us and stop living in pain.
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Kempf Fitness Professional (@k.fitnesspro)

Quality vs. Quantity

This is an upper body lifting day I wrote for one of my clients. Take a gander at what a high quality program looks like and feel free to try it out if you have the grit.

All the exercises are hyperlinked to the Kempf Fitness Professional YouTube channel, explanations in the white text, reps and sets listed, spaces to fill in your weights, etc.

There are plenty of cheap / free workout and nutrition programs tossed around all over the Internet, but clearly their success rate is lacking to put it lightly. Preventable injuries and chronic diseases are getting worse.

How do you know if the program will help you achieve your specific goals? How will the program address injuries or dysfuntional movement patterns? How will the program help you stay motivated? Can you adjust the program as needed in case life happens? Do you have guidance from someone who has a formal education or professional experience in the field?

Tell you what, if my car broke down, I'd take it to a professional mechanic. Not some guy who takes pics of his car on Instagram and claims to be the next Vin Diesel. I'd invest the extra time/money into my car because it has long term value to me and I want it to run like a dream as long as it is able.

This is why the majority of my advertising is referral based / word of mouth. This is why my results speak for themselves with me and my clients. This is why the people I work with improve their lives for the long term. The emphasis is quality.

The sooner and more you invest, the greater your return. Why wait? What's holding you back? #kfitpro

www.AMPColorado.com (@amppilatesandfitness)

Men..... try Pilates for FREE on February 19th and 26th @ 6:30pm. New and existing male clients are welcomed to join this FREE class. There is a reason that many professional athletes incorporate Pilates into their training regime... because Pilates makes you stronger, healthier and will improve your sport of choice. Come join us!! Sign up online at www.AMPColorado.com

Ladies.... let the men in your life know that this is a FREE class only for men. Sign them up today.
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