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The juice 🍑🍑🍑🍑 is up #LagosInOneMinute and it's Hot! Everyone just seems to be dragging the other to court. It's #Suing Season⚖️. It's battle of the #Lawyers and #dresses. #ChurchHill is suing #TontoDike and #LindaIkeji. We are back to the #RedDress saga with #MercyAigbe #RikyTheTailor and #TheBride. I know you can hardly keep up but I got u😎😍😘. Visit my channel for my #MovieReview on #marvel #DoctorStrange 🔥🔥🔥👏.
Lemme know if your city has more juice. I'll love to have a taste😝🍑

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The Jam Report's The Best Picture Project officially reaches the halfway point and arrives at perhaps the greatest film of all time - 1972's masterful and iconic 'The Godfather.' Why did it win and did it deserve to? Click the link in my bio to find out!

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#wcw: 2017 it girl and america's funniest sweetheart, @tiffanyhaddish ! duhhhh. last july @sarahgorman & @nataliajanerodas took their first #onlygirls field trip to see @girlstripmovie. hear all about it on ep #5!

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Went to family video today and they had a sale on their digital codes buy 1 get one free so i got blade runner 2049 and another one ill post later really looking foward to rewatching this one only paid 7.99 #blurayjunkie #blurayaddict #bluraybuff #moviereview #movietime #movienight #dvd #movie #moviereview #dvd #dvdcollection #dvdcollector #bluraymaniac #moviefreak #movieday #movies #blurays

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The Last House on the Left 2009. Rating 8.5/10
I really love this movie, I think it's 10x better then the original, the acting is spot on especially for those difficult scenes. And I also think that that scene went on too long that should have cut away sooner, and just implemented that it happened. In my opinion it's the Ultimate revenge film. Definitely check this out. #thelasthouseontheleft #lasthouseontheleft #moviereview #horror #revenge #thriller #suspenseful

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Not only was Blade Runner 2049 a great sequel to the original, it was actually way better. Picking up three decades after the events of the previous film, a new Blade Runner named K discovers a long buried secret that becomes a large mystery that leads him to track down Rick Deckard, a former Blade Runner who disappeared thirty years ago. Just wow. I didn't think I'd love this one since I didn't love the original. Not only did I love 2049, it's one of my favorite films I saw this year. For some people, the length of it's runtime can be too long. But for me, seeing as I loved Interstellar, the runtime doesn't hurt me as long as I'm not bored or intrigued all the way and if I feel rewarded in the end. The cinematography presented here is nothing short of marvelous. Oscars better come this way. I can't honestly remember a sci-fi epic being this original and beautiful in a long time. Interesting thing here is that you can watch 2049 that doesn't depend on having seen the original.
Blade Runner 2049 astounds with
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of Five.
I hope this doesn't get ruined and turned into a huge franchise.
#bladerunner2049 #bladerunner #ryangosling #harrisonford #anadearmas #robinwright #mackenziedavis #lenniejames #davebautista #seanyoung #jaredleto #ridleyscott #denisvilleneuve #warnerbros #sonypictures #bluray #moviereview #firstviewing

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What did you think? Let me know in the comments...
On this week’s award season movie special I’ll be scrutinising ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ (2017)

#ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri is a darkly comic drama from British director #MartinMcDonagh, who also wrote and produced.

#FrancesMcDormand plays Mildred Hayes, a guilt-ridden mother who believes her actions inadvertently led to the rape, torture and murder of her daughter.

Desperate to find the killer, after the police have had no leads for 7 months, she hires the 3 billboards of the title to display a message to provoke the local police chief, #WoodyHarrelson. Though he is committed to finding the killer his life is being side-tracked by the fact he’s dying from pancreatic cancer.

The cast also includes #PeterDinklage, #AbbieCornish and a fantastic performance from #SamRockwell.

Now I know the premise doesn’t sound very comical; But like real life, one moment can make you smile and the next moment cry.

The brilliant script powers the film forward, with believable characters that bring this world to life.
This year’s first must-see.

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Go to to check out the full review to see if The Post is for YOU, in theaters everywhere (link in bio 🔝)

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THERE WILL BE BLOOD 🎥 #TbCinema In honor of Phantom Thread, I’d like to mention just how great, wait no, how perfect this film truly is. P.T. Anderson really made something special here when he combined his forces with the legendary Daniel Day-Lewis, and gave birth to this piece of modern art. Chronicling the rise and descent into madness experienced by 20th century oil prospector Daniel Plainview, the film is a very dark and epic tale of how far people would go to make their impact in the world. Wether it be Daniel Plainview neglecting his own adopted son for the sake of oil (to him the equivalent of gold), or the young and secretly greedy pastor, Eli Sunday, who’s descent is just as fascinating. Eli is portrayed by the always excellent Paul Dano, who has showed true range and is proving to be a master of his craft. With a menacing score, and an epic scope, There Will Be Blood is undoubtedly the best film to rise from the 00s as it transcends expectation and will certainly carry on for as long as we enjoy the experience of film. 100/100++ #therewillbeblood #paulthomasanderson #movies #moviereview #cinema #greatmovie #film #danieldaylewis #pauldano

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#MovieReview #Crítica #Personal
Damien Chazelle/#LaLaLand/2016
Contenido: Act7.0/Gui6.2/Ritm7.8/Cierre9.0
Formato: Dir8.0/Cgrafía9.5/B.S-Amb9.5/Esce9.0
Recepción: Afinidad8.0/Interés8.6
Resultado: 8.2

Eric Garzón (@ericg_g)

#MovieReview "Here's to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem" Producción de diseño remarcable, escenografías muy agradables, y un trabajo musical memorable y emocionante, no es tanto como esperaba, pero nada decepcionante #LaLaLand

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📽️ Wonder Woman (2017)
Dir.Patty Jenkins
Jenkin’s Wonder Woman is the first solo-female, superhero movie to hit screens since 2005’s Elektra and it succeeds in every-way it needs to. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is charismatic and perfectly casted. Continuing on from her BVS debut, she’s an eloquent and capable hero but as per her humble beginnings, she’s a more naïve character here. We see her here more unsure of herself and the world around her and it’s an excellent portrayal that creates the willing do-gooder we know the character to be. Gal gives an excellent performance through this and continues to be one of the most magnetic female characters in this genre to date. Supporting her is Steve Trevor. He’s a damsel in distress role and it’s a refreshing, albeit shallow, gender flip. He’s capable on his own but his reliance on Diana really adds dimension to his portrayal. He’s also subject to female gaze fairly frequently and it’s tongue-in-cheek jabs like this that really solidifies Jenkins’ distinct commentary. It’s very welcome here. Plot-wise the movie moves through a handful of locations that don’t outstay their welcome. Themyscira is beautifully realised and only emphasises the misogynistic worlds she’s thrusted into. The slow build from here to the iconic No Man’s Land scene only makes the eventual conclusion of Diana’s origin extremely satisfactory. From here, the movie leads onto some excellent action set-pieces with some of the best fight choreography in recent memory. Wonder Woman’s kit is similarly mastered with excellent use of weapons and lassos in a way that remains fantastical but far from campy. The movie takes on DC’s gritty darkness in a surprising way, making sure to show both the audience and Diana the horrors of war. The genocide of an entire village previously saved and the constant failures and deaths of allies really adds a heavier tone and a needed sense of candour. It’s surprisingly dark and this contrasts very well with Diana’s light. Where this stumbles however is in its villains. Both are campy, one-dimensional threats.

James Creviston (@jamesdcreviston)

Tomorrow’s Screener review is uploaded to YouTube! Get ready for my review of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (1967). Link in my bio. #film #moviereview #classicmovie

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« Right now there is sorrow, pain. Don’t kill it and with it the joy you felt. » - Elio’s father in Call me by your name | a beautiful, striking ode to passionate love and summer flings set in 1983 Italy 🎥
Click the link in bio for the review, french version.
#callmebyyourname #moviereview #filmbuff #cinephile #cmbyn #timotheechalamet #armiehammer #summerfling #Italy #LucaGuadagnino

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Lady Bird
Greta Gerwig’s coming of age story features a couple of outstanding performances from Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf and a well written script, but I couldn’t help feeling a hard disconnect to the story. Not only is the plot very familiar (As most coming of age stories are), but this is yet another film told from a limited perspective in a time when the marginalized perspective has been given a voice in other films. This will probably not be a popular take...why don’t you read the full review her:
Or go to my bio for a link to my website!
#ladybird #ladybirdmovie #ladybirdreview #gretagerwig #saoirseronan #lauriemetcalf #tracyletts #timotheechalamet #lucashedges #beaniefeldstein #comingofage #drama #comedy #filmreview #moviereview #movies #cinephile #writer #filmblog #amateurcritic #oscars #awardseason