Wydia Halim (@wy_wydd08)

The real rich is who has a good character, who is nice to their family and friends. You are rich when people can trust you in every case.

Rich or poor i Still LOVE them!
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Nor Azura (@zura241)

Tq kakak teman mummy go check up.. Mula2 senyum lebaq la lepas tau gender baby terus muncung sedepa.. Hahhahaa mummy pun nak muncung gak nih 😌😌 #19week #mummy&putri

V E A N 'vi-ann' (@veansvoice)

That moment when they're calling you but you try and ignore them for just a few seconds so you can answer in your Mary Poppins voice 🎶💃🏽and not your it's Monday and raining, tired mummy voice!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️🌧️I get the blues in this weather hubby thinks I'm weird my bestie thinks I should invest in a S.A.D lamp. Either way please Spring come soon! Mummy in West London in need of your brighter days. 🌼🐞🐣🦋#veansvoice #shesharestruth

Wonder Baby Shop (@officialwonderbabyshop)

The most beautiful blessing ❤️