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Three Months in the World... 🌎 🔹I've currently doubled my birth weight of 2.99kg and am now a Chubby Bubby weighing in at 6.08kg and 62cms long.
🔹Watch me cause I'm a grabber, my fine motor skills are developing, and these days I'll scratch and cling onto anything I can, skin, clothing, Mummy's hair and Daddy's beard are a few of my favourite things.
🔹I'm starting to be independent, and attempting to hold my bottle at feeding time, then when my hands start to get tired I like to throw it, until Mummy puts it back in my mouth, at which pint in ready to go again.
🔹I'm sleeping a full 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night, which Mummy and Daddy are very happy about.
🔹I'm obsessed with my brother and during activity time need to be positioned so I can watch him play at all times. While I'm not quite laughing/giggling yet, I do however get a chuckle out, and Mummy's putting money on Link will be the first one to make me laugh.
I can't believe it's been three months. In someways it feels like yesterday you were born, and already you've changed and grown so much, and then in other ways it's almost like I can't remember a time before you existed in Mummy's world. You changed my life in the most amazing way, and taught me what love truly is, in more ways then one. Your smile cures all my ails, and your affection for me makes me happier than I've ever known. You are the best decision I ever made. You're stuck with me my cheeky monkey.🙈🙉🙊
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Sooooo who's on #ello? 🤔 Come at me creatives! I'm there @fromkayleytoparker -throw me your username... so far I'm feeling a bit meh about it 💁 #whatthe #makers #handmade #blogger #contentcreator #workingmum #mummyblogger #daddyblogger

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#sneakyscience alert!
Speed = distance / time

We set up a quick competition with the kids to see who could go the fastest by timing them from the bottom of the slide to the marker. 🎢
By knowing the distance between the two, we could then work out their speed. 🚀
The kids loved it and spent all afternoon trying for a new PB!!😂 stem #engineering #science #education.
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Just had a look through the photos from today's Superhero Training Class. Love them!! 💛 This was so much fun for the kids, and for the parents too. My daughter cannot stop talking about it and cannot wait for show and tell at daycare this week 😳 This is such a great activity to do for the school holidays. We went to the @iflyoz in Penrith (Indoor Skydiving Sydney West) but they have ones in the Gold Coast and Perth too. Official launch is on the 5th July. Such a great experience! All the kids age 3-15 had the best time and the staff were absolutely AMAZING (and very patient 😂)! Can't recommend it highly enough and can't wait to go back 🤘Thanks for having us @iflyoz 💙
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Loved last night's makeup !
ABH modern renaissance & Makeup geek on my eyes! An un known eyeliner I've been sent to try out and review from boots!

Molly | The Kids Place (@thekids_place)

Sponge Painting [Shape Resist Art] • 🎨 Create a colorful work of art and work on shape recognition at the same time. Dab a sponge in washable paints, then over the top of various shapes (we used our magnets, but any flat shape pieces will work). 🎨#TheKidsPlay

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I shared this list one whole year ago (thanks Facebook memories).
So now I've decided to add a dot point or two (or 7 depending on how tired I am at the time) a year and see how much I have to 'teach' her as she grows... so many random things I will chuck in the 'must know' category 💕
•Your happiness is my number one priority. So please, make sure it always remains yours (until you have children of your own and then you can't help but pass it on).
•Don't let your adventures stop at exploring the back of the kitchen cupboard. Travel our country, the world. Soak it all up.
•Girlfriends should be supportive. They should defend you and genuinely believe you deserve success. Be one of those friends!
•People will throw advice in your face from all angles during your life. Don't turn it away, listen to it all. But only take from it what you need at the time.
•Just because it zips, doesn't mean it fits.
•A broken heart feels like the end of the world at the time. It heals. I promise.
•Learn how to say no. Not too early though, and not to me. You always say yes to me!
•Dont do crime. Prison looks unpleasant. (Yup I'm currently watching OITNB)
•Empathy is a powerful emotion. Don't ever be ashamed of it.
•Wear cotton underwear. Just do it.
•Always be the first person to laugh at yourself. Never lose your sense of humour. It's a major part of who you are.
•Allow yourself to feel every emotion.
•It's never too late to study. Never too late to learn.
•Learn the art of breathing. Fully. Deeply. Mindfully. •Gossips aren't fun people. Don't be that girl that everyone is scared to tell things to.
•Don't ever settle. Find someone who takes your breath away. Someone who makes you giggle daily. Someone who makes you feel beautiful at the ugliest of times. Find someone who makes you feel the way your dad makes me feel. #wordsforivymae

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The happiest flowers. My big boys are coming home today so I am feeling happy! The house has been very quiet without them the last few days.

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It's your body. Do what's best for you & your baby. A healthy lifestyle is the best start to your new adventure #parenthood #healthylifestyle

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Happy Sunday to all my Insta friends, hope you have had the most beautiful weekend with your loved ones ❤️

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Ladybug riding 🐞🙊... whilst looking like a fairy I might add!

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This is definitely up there in my top 3 favourite baby buys! I've decided I need to stop ✋🏽 buying clothes now otherwise, as well as bankruptcy, I'm going to have nowhere to put it all! 〰️#babyshopperaddict
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Keepsakes By Nicoleta ®️ (@keepsakes_by_nicoleta)

Haiiii!!!! This is us ☺️😍😍 our little family 💝 we had a lovely day at the mandating farm at Wiseman's Ferry 💕 tell me in the comments what you did today as a family! Looking for inspiration 😁
PS: I totally photobombed that selfie hahaha 😂😂🙊 #sundayfun

Sydney & Melbourne With Kids (@busycitykids)

#melbourne Kid and Twin friendly dinner at @pizzareligion in Hawthorn tonight for Kate and her little ones. Kids can play with pizza 'play' dough at dinner while they wait for their pizza. Their creation can even be baked in the oven!! Thanks for sharing @kateflatman 🙌🔥