Hi There, Isn’t It Beautiful? (@mariaslazos)

I love watching my kids when “reading” their books 📖 in their mother tongue 🇨🇴 (BTW it’s Spanish)
One less thing I have to be worried about. [Just try to think in a different language, when you want to tell a little persona off]

Kelly Hansen (@kelly_j_hansen)

Future planner? Developer? Designer? #kennystyle 👩🎨 is at it again...this weekends project was a mall complete with shopping families #mumsgirl #creativelittlemind

Jessica Louise 💎 (@jessicalouise_193)

Phone call off school after dinner to go get Evie who's just become suddenly very poorly. Saying she's freezing suddenly can't walk or move. Straight to the doctors, temp of 42, Viral infection and servere tonsilitous. I dunno what the fuck this viral infection is but I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! Now got two poorly princesses completely out of it and mummy left feeling helpless.. what a shit weekend and beginning to the week we've all had. Nurse mummy is exhausted. Just Harvey left to go now, I'm not religious at all but praying he doesn't get it 😣

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Hi There, Isn’t It Beautiful? (@mariaslazos)

•S T O P || G R O W I N G || P L E A S E•
This determined little 🌸girl is certainly ready to be 3. ⚠️But you please, give me the chance to enjoy these two days, that I have left, to have you as my precious toddler. Please⁉️