Carmen Rios (@carmen78)

Hey 👋🏽 #fitnessfriday wrapping up my last week of #shiftshop feeling just a little bit stronger, which is the whole point of the program. - to #getbetter. Started with 25 mins week 1, to 45 minutes week 3. This was more of a mental challenge than anything, got WAY out of my comfort zone that's for sure. But you know what they say, results begin outside of your comfort zone.
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Margarida (@margarida_gs)

Boa noite mundinho, jantazinho e pós treino frango grelhado brócolis tomate e arroz de couve flor com quinoa gengibre cenoura também coloquei gergelim por cima 💪👌

Vu Ngo Fitness (@vungofit)

Deficit Deadlifts 🔥
Accessory work today after my maximum effort on squats (weak 295lbs high bar fml). Pulling from a 3 inch deficit to work on my speed off the floor (my weakness). I find it once I can get the bar to knees, I can confidently extend my hips forward to clear the bar up. Work on your weaknesses to become the strongest you can be! 🏆🌟
S/O to the fam @andyvo23 & @tnvo3 for messing around in the back 😂

feature_wify (@feature_wify)

Name the first thing that comes to your mind?

Carla Axel (@carlaaxel72)

Flexin Friday! Life is full of sacrifices. Don't let you you health and happiness be one of them!

You are worth it! You can do it and I'm here to help!!!! 📲👧 #fitover40 #fitnesss #fitnessmotivation #fitgirlinspire #muscleup #muscleandfitness #muscleandhealth #fitisthenewsexy💋


Make moves or make excuses 😈👌🏻 @staceyjane93 killing the 45' leg press (200kgs) AFTER 60kgs squats. This girl is killing it 👏🏻