Anthony Hunbun (@vishuynh)

When you finally go out in public, but decide to draw on yourself like a child around grown ass men drinking beers. 🤘🏻

Rob Monroe (@fitnesszonekid)

Visualize the shape you want to achieve and work continuously towards it.
Creating the separation of each muscle group has come from training individual muscle groups with countless supersets. Fatiguing and shocking the muscle takes more than just one movement at a time. 💯

Elliot Esca (@escaesthetics)

@nabba_wff_australia Class 1 Tall SA💪🏽 Looking back 3 months from this day! What a journey it's been since comps💯🔥 Every bit of hard work, dedication, consistency and discipline from building myself up, has been shifted into my business @fitchefaus and loving every moment of it💥🙌🏽👨🏽🍳 Lots in the pipe line and lots of exciting stuff happening...👌🏽