Tony Gonzalez (@tonygonzalezfit)

I get this question a lot, how can I grow my chest? I want a bigger chest. 9/10 when I ask what their current routine consists of, it’s isolation movements. This is a HUGE mistake for strength/hypertrophy purposes.
👉 An isolation exercise is anything that targets just one muscle group (chest flies for example). These are NOT meant to be the staple in your training program, but instead the sprinkles on the ice cream. 🍨
✅ Instead of focusing on isolation exercises, move your focus into getting stronger at the bench press (or any other compound movement for that matter for the muscle group you want to grow). The reason being is the bench press you can load up on much more weight than with a chest fly, or even a dumbbell press. 🚨More weight = more strength and more strength = more muscle mass.
In addition compound exercises provide the following benefits:
✅ Burns more calories (thus dropping body fat)
✅ Improves Core Strength (you have to balance weight over your whole body so your core will come into play)
✅ Greater Hormone Release (particular growth hormone and testosterone which are crucial to gaining muscle mass and repairing muscle so you can continue to get stronger)
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Rachel 🍁 (@rachel_sedor)

Got to say this is probably my favourite t-shirt 😋 Wonder why?? .
Be brave. Be fierce. Be strong. But be yourself. Sometimes ‘flying under the radar’ is the best way 😋
IF you happen to get a ‘weird’ look from a stranger today it’s probably because they’ve never been in the presence of greatness before 😊💥
Giv’r shit today friends!!!!
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Deara "DeeDee" Maynor-Dabbs (@meme2bhm)

✔️ Experience quicker post-workout recovery
✔️ Build lean muscle mass with fewer calories
✔️ Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
✔️ Get feel-good mood elevating maca and cacao powder
✔️ Promote healthy digestion with seven different soluble and insoluble fibers
I LOVE using the profit in my smoothies. I love how it is low in calories and naturally sweetened! NO GMO in our products!! I blend it up with almond milk, strawberries, bananas, and peanut butter! YUM! You can even make brownies, protein bars, and other yummy yet healthy snacks with ProFIT! We offer chocolate and vanilla flavors. #postworkoutrecovery #leanmusclemass ##healthydigestion #chocolate #vanilla #nongmo #workout #musclesaresexy

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Morrales Nike◾️◾️
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-Diferentes estilos para ti
-Visítanos en la Calle 5 # 84-01
-No esperes más y Pide el tuyo comunicándote con nosotros por Dm📥 o por WhatsApp📲
-Artículo 100% original💥
-Hacemos envíos nacionales🇨🇴

Vanefitness🇨🇴 (@vanez1fit)

Fasted cardio ✅
Clients follow up✅
Meal preping
Round 2 stairs later👌

This is what happens when is rainy day out and day off weights... not sure what to do but play with snapchat😂🤣

Day off tips:
I usually take a day or two off weights but still do cardio unless your body ask for a complete day off. (Always listen to your body). Also, im not a big fan of stretching but it is a good day to focus a little more on that.

Its the perfect day to prepare meals for the next few days, get my agenda going with follow week of clients and try to relax as much as i can in between clients.
It is good to have a day off atleast:
- Helps muscles to repair - Gives your mindset a reset •

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Amanda Chelsea (@amanda_fitrx)

I’m tired. I’m feeling mentally exhausted. I work thirteen hour days and am absolutely pooped by the end of the day. For whatever reason, my anxiety was sky high yesterday all day at work and I felt like I was borderline panic attack for a good half of the day. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why? I have no idea what brought on all this anxiety but today I’m taking it slow - I got my workout in, gonna run an errand but other than that I’m chillin out maxin, relaxing all cool for the rest of my day off 😎 when your body tells you to chill out, listen.

Natasha Maria (@nmg_fitness)

Trust me, woman who strength train are doing it for themselves, not for you. Woman who lift weights have already eschewed social norms by touching iron in the first place and I guarantee they give zero fucks about your opinions on their bodies!! 👌🏼💯
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MARCO DGO (@marco_dgo)

If you don’t have the dumbest face ever when you train, do you even lift?