Josselyn Rg (@josselynrg)

Te amo. te admiro. y te disfruto.
Eres mi favorito en el mundo.
Tienes la energía mas chingona, y las personas a tu alrededor somos felices de tenerte con nosotros.
Gracias por compratirme tu mundo. Y enseñarme más. <3
#my2017luck #my2017 @egoon_guajardo

Chiara Luli (@chiaraluli)

Un anno pieno di nuovi orizzonti,emozioni,persone e tanto amore #my2017luck #waitingfor2018⏰ 🎉🎆

I am Jan Freire (@iamjanfreire)

2017 brought me not only awesome places I was able to visit, but also great people I was able to meet!
I'm so grateful for all friends and time we spent together 💛 as well for new fabulous people I met because of my job ... and few very special ones.
Here are few of them, I was able to find our pics in my phone with

歐玄OuHsuan -海洋男孩oceanboy (@ouhsuan_0811)

有看到千娜 真的好美☺️
#2017merrychristmas❤️✌🏻️🍾☃️ #my2017luck #2018加油

LEARN RUSSIAN (@myrussianhome)

Dear friends, what is your word of year 2017?🏅
For me it was
⛷️ "смелость" ("courage" in English). It has become my motto for the whole year that demanded a lot from me🏆
It will be really nice if you share with me and write the word of year in Russian. If you haven't had such a motto of the year, then just step back and look what has happened to you this year and choose such a word. Let's go!🏂

793destiny (@destiny79333)

在一大堆杂乱的事情里最好的事情就是可以接着拿一等奖学金? 但愿好事多磨 但愿有所回报

Ntiyiso King Joe Khoza (@ntiyisokhoza)

I don't have a better reason to smile than God gave me another chance to do better than yesterday #TeamJesus #jer29v11 #my2017luck

Too_Tem4ik (@aromi.tapaul)

#EXOrDIUMinManila Ticket Giveaway is extended!!! 😱
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KRISTINE ROCES 💕 (@realasianbeauty)

NASA announced the discovery of the EXOPLANET in the habitable zone of a single star that reveal conditions suitable for life which is JUST 40 light years away!! 😊
But in my case, I won't have to travel 40 light years away just to see the EXO PLANET and the creatures living in it. I just have to travel, well, about 15 minutes from my home to Araneta Center to see EXO! Hehehe

Thanks to @BeautyPlusPh for this opportunity to see the EXO boys again LIVE! See you and get ready to fangirl with me @archclassics😍
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Jomel Rivera (@jml_rvra)

One of my biggest dream in life is to sing along with my idols EXO .Im a fanboy and im so amazed with their voices . please pick me to be one of the winner of VIP ticket 😭😭 #My2017Luck #AnimeCamPH #BeautyPlusXRealBeauty

KRISTINE ROCES 💕 (@realasianbeauty)

Throwback to the 3 concerts where I saw EXO live! It was a surreal experience!

10 days from now, I'll be seeing them again for the 4th time! This time, though, it'll be a bit different because I'll be fan-girling alongside 1 Lucky EXO-L care of @BeautyPlus_Ph! Who's the LUCKY WINNER of our #BeautyPlusXRealAsianBeauty VIP Ticket Giveaway? Find out on @BeautyPlus_Ph page! ❤️ #ExorDiuminManila #My2017Luck #EXO

See you soon, bb @baekhyunee_exo @real__pcy @oohsehun