Tanja 🇭🇷 (@tinxy)

• To answer the question what keeps me motivated to train and work hard. And what gives me the courage to try new things, keep a positive attitude and high energy level -> • This is my Dad running for those who can't in the race Wings for life in his hometown Zadar. This after his loves brother tragically lost his ability to walk two years ago in an accident. My Dad is 77 years old and probably more fit than I am. I'm so proud of being his daughter. He's my biggest inspiration and role model and support. I can't even describe my endless love and deepest reverence for my Dad ❤️• __________________________

Cami (@camielizabeth_)

Is it? Is it? It is! Another Nat picture 🙈 But like dem eyes tho 😍😜 A slightly old picture but it's whatever 😜🤷🏾‍♀️ I am beyond blessed and incredibly thankful for this one staying by my side and always being there to let me cry on his shoulder and hold me when I need him 💕 I am the luckiest! I don't deserve this man. I love you and I like you Nathaniel Adams 😘🍦 #JimToMyPam. #BenToMeLeslie. #MyBestFriend

him & her()not Me🦂🐊🐧 (@la_naiwa)

😍😍😍free my 1st love 🤗🤔02_06_2024 😓😔it took him to long this time ... 😪😓😣😥But I love him for ever ... , #mybestfriend #loveoneandfriends

Brad Gaither (@brgjr88)

The "Hungarian Terrorist" strikes again! 😁😁 #Vizsla #Puppy 🐕
#MyBestFriend ☺️

Millie Williams (@thenailandbeautybox1)

Thank you. Thank you for loving me, being my light in darkness, making me smile through the tears, supporting me through every decision good or bad, being the most amazing best friend a girl could ask for, being the best daddy in the world, for giving me my dreams and fighting my fights when i have no strength. Your my all, my everything. I love you super millions. ❤️ #myman #mybestfriend #mybabydaddy #myworld #lovehim #myworld #thankyou #fiance #mylove #lostwithouthim #nearly9years #dreamscometrue #schoolsweethearts #myeverything