Smart Dogs (@smartdoggos)

Better my partner and I study of human beings, greater my partner and I acquire myself passionate about pups! 😊

Pups I Pet Today (@pupsipettoday)

I’ve been waiting
for a girl like you
to come into my life

Apollo🐶 (@apollo_bear_cao)

I got a new toy after the physiotherapy, a tiny sheep😛🐑😅So much fun🤩😆(sorry for weird lighting in the video)

Apollo🐶 (@apollo_bear_cao)

Went to the vet and some physiotherapy again today😃❤️ I’ve put on a little weight, wich made mom and dad happy😍❤️(I lost a few kilos when I got hurt) And I got some lasertreatment as usual, that’s really nice 🤩🙏🏻 and when dad gave me an earrub I thought I was in heaven❤️😅🐶 We got only positive remarks on my leg and rehabilitating!🙌🏻❤️ (and the waterboxtreadmill wasn’t at all scary this time🙌🏻🐶❤️🎗️🏵️

Valeria (@lapandinarossa)

Walking on the sun.

Chance The Rescue (@thebklyndog)

Think of all the fun I've missed, 🎉
Think of all the chicks that I haven't kissed, 😘
Next year I could be also good, 😍
If you'll check off my Christmas list: ✔️Treats, ✔️Treats & more ✔️Treats 🍗🦃🥩😋 #santababy #holidaycheer #treatsplease


Hey meine lieben
Was habt ihr so gemacht ?
Ich komm grad von meiner Fahrschulstunde die war echt gut
Davor war Schule angesagt 😎
Partnerseiten :

Rory the Cocker (@rory.thecocker)

Ain’t no time like walkie time

Angus ❤️🐾❤️️Kasper (@smoosh_faces)

Here comes santa paws, here comes santa paws, right down santa paws lane 🎶🎶🎶

Sophie Foot (@sophiefootfood)

One week until Christmas. I hope you’re all feeling as festive as Tiggy today 🎄🎅🏼✨