DAISY👙 & GIGI🌻 (@1blue_eyed_bulldog)

Should be worried...😬I saw you unload the groceries but didn’t see the 🐟🐟🐟 #salmonismyfavorite #worried #liveforfood 😂🐟Daisy didn’t know mom made it this morning already

Remi the Doodle (@remi.chicagodoodle)

Ugh. Doods, I met my ma today. She’s cool and all but she made me wear this harness thing and I really don’t like it. She says I have to learn to walk with one if I’m going to hang out with you guys this summer 🙄 I’m not convinced.

Kerrie M (@fotopunk)

As big fans of @frenchieandthenews we had to buy a @clubhuey shirt for Charlie. We are totally testing the limits of a 5XL 😂 it’s giving Charlie a lovely fluffy built-in neck scarf. I think he likes it. He is feeling serious this afternoon so no smiles right now. I found him totally snoring on his back (last pic) a few hours after putting it on. #clubhuey #bigdogs #dogsinclothes #shennanigans #shennanigansloading #dogsofinstagram #mydogisthecutest #iamsmiling #seniordogs #croptop

Mavy Bear 🖤 The Newfie (@little.miss.mavis)

🖤 Peace - It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. 💕

Carlo (@captain.king.carlo)

too cold !
too snowy !
too Monday ! ...damm Snow i’m so tired of you ... 😒#pissonyou #mondaymood #whereisthespring #captainkingcarlo

Nacho 😈 (@nacho_corgi)

Day 169:
Nacho before the chop chop.
He is doing okay but, looks so disapproving on the cone of shame.
Thanks you @corgitwinky for the updates & taking good care of him.
#corgi #sadday