Fi Cooper (@finutbrown)

Such sunsets we're having this week, all quite beautiful,all happening when I'm driving, usually. So I was happy to catch this stripey sky this evening, with a jet jetting off to somewhere. I'm not keen on air travel, but id be more than happy right now to get on a jet to some mountain ski slope...
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MaryWritesWorlds (@marywritesworlds)

Home is where your heart is •• I finally am where I wanted to be - or better, away from where I didn't want to be - but something still doesn't feel right. I've already made new friends and I don't feel lonely, but I miss my friends. I think of all the things I'll miss in their lives, the teas and the nights out, the chats and the sharing. I wonder if it will stay the same between us. I miss my family, too. I'm fine, just maybe slightly incomplete. It's like all this journey to run away, to Germany, to Brazil, to Denmark... all this journey to run away from home, to look for a new home, to discover myself and find my heart... it was all a long circular route which in the end served to make me want to go back home again, and make me love it more. ❤️

Lisa Rees (@maisonrees)

Wondering what to make with these moody 🍐🍐🍐

Libby Wilkie (@aneyefordetail)

Time to start planning some travel for 2017 and these travel guides, almost sixty years old, are as relevant as ever! Love studying the old and the new👍 And, of course, looking forward to travelling! #makelight365 #makelightbeautify #travel #nothingisordinary
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Tori || This Thursday (@thisthursday)

My little badge print! This cute guy is now in the shop too, link in bio! #thisthursdayshop #britishwildlife #badger

McCarthy Group Florists (@mccarthyflorists)

We're very proud of our Denver location @lehrersflowers for this beautiful styled shoot that was featured on @inspiredbrideblog 👏🏻 📸: @evermore.creation 🍰: @littlebitesbakingco

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Matcha and honey buttercream. 🙌

Lucy Fisk (@lucy_fisk)

Because sometimes you just need to hear it. Have a fab evening everyone x

Svenja Lind (@myflowerdiary)

my beloved winter wonderland ❥

Joy Sussman (@joy_sussman)

Wow, it's been 5 days since I've posted a picture here, which I know in the social media world is an eternity! I'm grateful that I've been absent for all good reasons. First and foremost: My son's Bar Mitzvah (busiest I've been since my wedding 18 years ago, and just as joyous!). Second: I've been selected for the judging panel of the BlogHer 2017 Voices of the Year (submit your best work at BlogHer dot com). Third, I've been asked to write an article for a magazine coming out in the spring (more news on that in the weeks ahead). And last but certainly not least, my newest online photography course starts this Monday, January 30! I couldn't have timed that course better, because it's called "Soul Focus: Finding Peace Through Photography." I am so ready to enter a space of creativity, peacefulness and mindfulness with my students. If your own world has gotten a little too crazy and you could use more breathing space for peaceful creativity, I have just a couple of spots left in this course. Join me! All the details plus a $10 discount are in my Instagram profile, or send me a personal message and I'll forward the info. Let's embrace a more mindful approach to daily life, together. #quietthechaos *
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Our @notonthehighstreet #LoveIsReal #Valentine campaign wooden tag ~ Love is COLOURFUL @ Claire Close Studio ! ❤️💛💚💙💜 we celebrate love through our collection of colourful products. ❤️💛💚💙💜

Helen Griffiths (@_helengriffiths)

How could I resist taking a photo of this gorgeous sunset over my old university? 🌅

christy tending (@christytending)

Green soup and ginger kombucha for breakfast. The cure for many of my body's funky needs over the years, and deeply nostalgic tastes for me.
I haven't had many cravings for unexpected things. The main message I've been getting during my pregnancy has been "most of the same, but less sugar."
Here's to you, my wise, strong body.
#selfcare #rawfood

Shop-Archipelago Jewelry Store (@shop_archipelago)

True flashes of delight. #ShopArchipelagoNow

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Rebecca Desnos • Natural Dyer (@rebeccadesnos)

This is what I'm doing now... #widn
It's been a day of tidying and sorting at home. My son has been busy building Lego houses all day and "doing his work" 😂 His own words - so funny!!
Then he asked if we could open the flower press and find a leaf to make a print, which we did and he was so excited by it! It was only a quick print with an ink stamp but he's thrilled 💛
Our fruit and veg was delivered and these kumquats came. I've never eaten one before and I'm in love 🍊They are mini citrus fruits and you eat the whole thing, including the skin ✨ (Excuse my excitement, but I've never seen them before 😁🙊 and I'm amazed by them haha). They are amazingly tasty and tangy. They came with leaves attached which I'll save and dye with at some point 🌿
Now I feel exhausted, and will sit for a little while and work on my new basket 🌾 I'm still addicted 😉 I finished my second one (on the left of the photo) and I decided to try an oval shape for my next one. I love the infinite possibilities with this craft... So many things I'd like to try ✨
What are you doing now? Play along if you'd like to join in and tag #widn (what I'm doing now).
Wishing you a lovely day ☺️

K e r s t i n (@kerstinho175)

W I T H || A || S M I L E
Als ich mich vor 4 Monaten hier angemeldet habe, hätte ich niemals gedacht, dass mich dieses digitale Medium einmal so fesseln würde. So viele interessante und vor allem liebenswürdige Menschen sind mir inzwischen begegnet. Jeder einzelne von euch bringt Freude und Inspiration in meinen Tag. Es macht so viel Spaß hier dabei und mittendrin zu sein.

Habt einen schönen Feierabend ihr Lieben♡
Lasst es euch gut gehen