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I know. I know. I thought it was Friday for a second too. Nothing beats those "whoops it's actually Thursday," blues like a trip to get mama the most beautiful vintage jeans she definitely did not need but some how can't live with out. Also cashew milk, we got some of that too...

Arielle Estoria (@arielleestoria)

Hey youuuu! Did you know that Tuesday was #worlddownsyndromeday ? We celebrated more than just tacos and margss. Because there's a whole piece of our world that goes missing simply because people don't know or choose not to know. I had the honor of writing a letter to the wildflowers, a poem on behalf of @heatheravis and her book release #theluckyfew . And Y'all this book is so so good. I honestly wept just on the second page. It is so breathtakingly beautiful, the story of letting God sprinkle the magic you thought wasn't made for you in your life story and changing it for the better. Do yourself a favor and read this gem, you won't be sorry ✨

christina ika (@batikeya)

Have a blissful Friday ♡
Brown, the color of earth, wood, stone, wholesomeness, reliability, elegance, security, healing, home, grounding, foundations, stability, warmth, and honesty...

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When life gives you lemons 🍋 | Last week, I said to Isla, "Your hair is pretty. Could I have it please?" She thought about it, then replied, "No, you can have a hotdog!" 🌭 Thanks, babe 😂 #littlemissislasays

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This is my view all day every day. Love ya, Daddio.

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Koko's photo📝೨̣̥…
Today's coffee with #Scabiosa . Their petals are so kawaii❤️
Have a beautiful day ☺️︎♩
#スカビオサ の花びらって愛らしいね🤗𓇠𓇢𓆸

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Fallen Frangipani after last nights rain :: perfect for floral Friday and they smell divine 🌿

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• Happy Friday • Midcentury San Francisco 📸 Fred Lyon

by (

Here's a sneak peek of a new release - "Stillness"- that I'm working on. Can't wait to share more with you...soon! ✨

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There was sun--SUN!--on my studio desk today! First time so far this Spring, I think. ☀️

Allison Marshall (@alliedeanphotography)

Simple pleasures: crown braids on little ladies & feeding scraps to chickens ☺️

Cassandra Lynn Fenton (@thecassra)

My sweet, sweet Ez. Little do you know, that before you were born, while planning your arrival and the adventure you were about to bring. We went on our own adventure, something along the lines of a 'babymoon.' While on our trip, we picked up this bodysuit for you from @pinastyles in Tofino. We didn't know if you would be 👔or 👗 so we got this beautiful midnight blue, and girl you rock it!! -
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I love this time of year with all the beautiful tulips 🌷 and delicious Easter eggs❤️

Penny 🌿 (@petiteharvest)

Over the last few years I've been growing dahlias with increasing frustration as they seem to take foreverrrrrrr to flower 😡 This year I've just decided to buy them 😊

Kathryn Stewart US (@kathryn.faye)

Wild flower spring time confetti edible fun explosion 💥🦋🌸 #flowerpower

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|| Natural beauty🌸🌿||

Lyndsey Lake (@lakelyndsey)

That extra daylight, it's the gift that keeps on giving. 🙌🏻☀️