I’m sorry I’m not posting any cartoons this week, I’m attending this amazing event called CTN Expo which is taking up all of my time. Let me repost this one and give you a little recap of my night, just for fun. I’m sure y’all can visualize this in your minds :)
0.00 PM, finally in bed, buzzing with excitement. I met such amazing people, including my new friend @iriscompiet . Check out her wonderful art!
I also saw a screening of the short ‘Dear Basketball’ and heard Kobe Bryant and Glen Keane talk about their collaboration. Go see it out if you have a chance, it’s truly amazing.
1.00 I find our youngest crying in his room, stuck between the bed and the wall. I take him to my bed in the hopes of no further interruptions tonight.
1.30 kid falls back asleep and turns into a giant screaming octopus.
I move to his bed only to be reminded that my other son (with whom he shares a room) grinds his teeth in his sleep.
2.00 I move to the guest room. Thank goodness we used those glow in the dark balloons for the party two weeks ago, that helps me navigate the room with all the low hanging buntings. I throw all the 465362 lego pieces out of the bed and lay down.
2.10 "Isn't it amazing those balloons still glow? The package only promised 15 hours."
2.12 Need to pee
2.25 “What’s that stupid sound? Ah, the Roomba charging.” Taking it off the charger, maybe a little too aggressively at this point I have to admit, I accidentally turn it on. Freaking out over all the lego pieces on the floor, I probably swear a little too loudly.
2.30 In bed, buzzing with adrenaline. Wondering if I woke anybody up.
3.00 Still not sleeping
3.30 I think I fell asleep around this time?
6.15 Time to wake up!

🍇 S T U D E W O O D 🌴 (@studewoodfargo)

I wouldn't trade them for anything man 👫❤️ #dt #mykids

Kreestel_Graziani (@kreestel_graziani)

Bravo à mes petits lutins du père Noël pour ce magnifique calendrier de l’avent entièrement fait main💝🎅🏻📆 #calendrierdelavent #faitmain #mesamours #decoration #christmas #atelier #mykids #picoftheday #goodvibesonly #homedecor

SD (@sosodef86)

The best thing to do for a child is to lead by example. My son 👦🏻and my daughter 👧🏻either watch me get ready for work, to go workout at the gym or when I’m not able to make it. I try to workout at home with what I can. My son has shown a great interest lately in “working out” 💪🏼and to be honestly I couldn’t be happier. 🤗He wants me to show him everything ( with the help of his dad and of course our in home trainer @michaelroberthall )and he wants to use dumbbells and boxing mitts. He and Monroe mimic all the moves I do from plyo 🏃🏽‍♀️💃🏽metrics and push ups 🏋🏽‍♀️to yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️poses. I’m one super happy mama❤️ #fitness #24hourfitness #momlife #itsnotaboutme #itsaboutus #health #leadbyexample #mykids #myfuture #theirfuture #steppingstones #goals #focus #monroealicia #carsonpierce #lift #setanexample #hardwork #thisisthepayoff

Londiwe (@londiwe_bengu)

My life would have been a little bit boring without these nanaz.