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If I look at my relationship history - minus the crushes I had on my teachers in high school. It looks like this:

1. meet guy.
2. like guy + find out guy likes me (yay!) 3. date for a brief time till he makes it official and asks me to be his girlfriend ( <3 <3)
4. relationship starts to fail after a short time together.
5. we break up :-( as a romantic girl, this was NOT the plot I imagined for myself. especially with dreams of getting whisked away, fairytale style and married with flowers in my hair and a horse drawn carriage to take us from the church.

Even with my now man IT WAS THE SAME, Dating took all of about 3 weeks for me until I met him. He was crazy about me from the start and did everything to show me that he was in this and ready, beating out every other suitor and giving me everything I wanted in a love relationship.
It just got a bit tricky when things started to come up. triggers. upsets. conflicts. differences of opinion. and suddenly our fairy tale dynamic wasn't doing too good.

not in the least.

I was angry and screaming a lot of the time and he stopped talking to me multiple times.
I prayed our relationship would work. We still loved each other But Clearly work needed to be done.

So I trained more. I realized more. Then I became brave enough and did things differently than in any other relationship before. And it worked :-) :-DDDD

I think this is a sign that relationships can actually survive ALOT. BUT we need to have the skills to do it. That's what I worked on myself.
And That's how i developed my signature program.
"Relationships are Easy: CREATE A FOREVER KIND OF LOVE"

This is a 4 week seminar series for you to not only become a better lover but also learn how to create the dynamic for everlasting love.

A bit more about the course if this interests you is in the profile link above. Beginning Mondays, October 30th 📸 fairytale house @juliahengel

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Thank you so much for our surprise anniversary date night @javier_severo !! I love you to the moon. 🌙 #5yearsofdointhisshit #myknight #vegasknights

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Vest #1 is basically complete! 2 skirts, 1 vest down and everything else to go! Making progress!! #cosplay #cosplaylife #rwby #myknight #crosshares #beaconuniformisweird #makingprogress

Little Alice (@aliceoflies)

That feeling when you get your vest put together thinking you just need to make it a deep v and it turns out to be almost an underbust #cosplayproblems #cosplay #cosplaylife #costuminglife #rwby #myknight #crosshares #whywouldyoudothistomeroosterteeth #butheyexcusetozoomonyangsbust

Little Alice (@aliceoflies)

Time to cut out vest #, so glad Sam is here so I can see her play Just Cause 3!
#cosplay #cosplaylife #costuminglife #crosshares #rwby #myknight #gladsheshome #justcause3

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When GOD has blessed you beyond your wildest Dreams #myknight

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Finished cutting out the vest and blazer patterns! Next step is pinning and cutting! #cosplay #cosplaylife #crosshares #costuminglife #myknight #rwby #patterns #makingeverycosplaygay

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7 million people in New York City. He was traveling down town during high traffic Friday eve commute, I was heading to Brooklyn after teacher training. We ended up on the same train, got off at the same stop- met in the middle of the platform as he was on the last car, I had ridden on the first- we met in the middle and kissed- out of complete shock, out of cosmic awe and delight and still so very much in love. We're coming up on four years...or is it five? Heck who is counting when it's this much fun? #twinflame #myknight he calls me the queen of his ❤️! 👳🏻‍♀️