Charlie The Vizsla (@charlie_the_vizsla16)

My pawrents are on vacation next week! I am so sad that they can't take me with them... Not! 😝Do you see how much fun I will have at the #doggydaycare with my new friend Karött! #lekkavizsla

Kiêm Toén (@badman_alo389)

Mỗi xin việc thôi mà đã thấy cực rồi :3 @kieuduong4899
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Lauren (@repti_relics)

I haven't posted in quite some time, I've been very busy with having a new job and taking my cat to the vet. Now Azara had to go to the vet because of a mouth infection that has been swinging between getting better and looking like she could pass any day. She's been getting antibiotics and I'm hoping that she'll pull through. Hopefully, by the next vet visit on the third she will make some strides into getting better.
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Kenai & Odin Vom Adelhertz (@thegsdtwins)

Dinner tonight was basic but it's one of their favorites. They love spare ribs 😋! They had tripe this morning and this for dinner.
> Spare ribs
> Sardine
> Bison/Beef mix
> Quail eggs and salmon oil
Bones and raw feeding? Bones are perfectly safe to feed but only certain bones! Dogs CAN digest bone and it's necessary when feeding raw. Before you start feeding raw make sure and do your research as to which bones are safe vs which are not.

Forrest (@life.of.forrest)

Are we doing this walk thing? Otherwise, I'm going back to bed...