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(^-^)/ #London days are the best days! ✨⭐️✨ And tomorrow, it’s gonna be #snowing! ❄️👏🏼❄️

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The heart can get really cold if all you've known is winter.

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I’m on my way up

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Sea butterfly


Sea butterflies, are a taxonomic suborder of small pelagic swimming sea snails.
These snails float and swim freely in the water, and are carried along with the currents. This has led to a number of adaptations in their bodies. The shell and the gill have disappeared in several families. Their foot has taken the form of two wing-like lobes, or parapodia, which propel this little animal through the sea by slow flapping movements. They are rather difficult to observe, since the shell (when present) is mostly colorless, very fragile and usually less than 1 cm in length. Although their shell may be so fine as to be transparent, it is nevertheless calcareous; their shells are bilaterally symmetric and can vary widely in shape: coiled, needle-like, triangular, globulous.

Little is known about the behaviour of sea butterflies, but they are known to have a peculiar way of feeding. At times, they just float along, ventral-side up, with the currents. They are mostly passive plankton feeders, but at times they can be active feeders. They are generally herbivorous, entangling planktonic food through a mucous web that can be up to 5 cm wide, many times larger than themselves. If disturbed, they abandon the net and flap slowly away. When descending to deeper water, they hold their wings up. Sometimes, they swarm in large numbers and can be found washed up in flotsam, especially along the coast of eastern Australia.

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Reagan getting amongst it //⛷️🌬️

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Nature always wears the colors of the spirit, •

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Sunrise, Pinares De Mayari, Cuba

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Whale shark // Similan Islands, Thailand
Even though this one happened without planning, I realised I shot the world's largest fish through a school of some of the smallest fish in the ocean. A good example of the kind of diversity of life that resides beneath the waves
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🇦🇺 Dee Why • Australia 🏖️️ Drone sobrevoando essa região de Sydney.