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Который день подряд уходить из дома до рассвета.

Kevin Wood Photography (@kevinwood054)

Squirrel Treefrog (Hyla squirella), southeast Texas

Jacob Kim (@jacob._.kim)

This is paradise.

David Cothran (@davidcothranphoto)

It's still early spring here in the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon, with patches of old snow remaining here and there - so here's a shot from summer! This is a Buckwheat Blue Butterfly (Euphilotes battoides) feeding on nectar from a flower (can anyone help me to ID it?) in our garden. These delicate little butterflies are very diverse, the family (Lycaenidae) is the second-most species of all butterfly families. There are different races of these buckwheat blues on every volcano in the Oregon Cascades, and here in the Siskiyous. One of the first good studies of blues in North America was done by Vladimir Nabokov - yes, the novelist!
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Gotta be careful in Florida 🐊

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If there was ever a question that Durango is a beautiful town, let it be settled. 💚

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My kind of weekend,Aloha

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It's a beautiful day at Crystal Cove State Park, one of Orange County's largest examples of open, natural seashore. #shutterbugpix #photo #travel #travelgram #travels #travelchannel #natgeo #worldtraveler #abc7eyewitness #california #beach #park

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It might look like I'm having trouble getting off this roof, but trust me, tax is a lot harder

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"Cigars are to Tampa what wine is to Napa"

Jacob Straube (@haolestyle808)

Storm clouds soaked in Aurora.